Uganda: New swarm of locusts ravage newly planted gardens in the North of the country

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Farmers in Teso have been thrown into another scare outside the Covid 19 following the entry of a new swarm of locusts which entered the country through Amudat district in Karamoja on Saturday.

The locusts are now ravaging a number of newly planted crops in areas of Ongino Sub County in Kumi district, and Kangole sub county in Bukedea district.

According to the district LC5 chairperson, Christine Apolot, the locusts that are in their tender age, entered Kumi through Tisia Island on Sunday, destroying millet and sorghum gardens as they moved into mainland Ongino Sub County.

“We got reports from the people of Tisai late Saturday that the locust had invaded their areas, but we couldn’t reach Tisai in time, being an island and the only motorized boat connecting to the island is grounded,” the district chairperson said.

Ms Apolot added that this fresh locust seems to be so destructive, given the number of visible destruction, it has caused on crops people planted using the recent rains.

She said people have taken the matter into their own hands, chasing after the locust from their fields where they have settled.

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