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Uganda: New details on Masaka shooting incident emerge

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New details on the gruesome shooting in Masaka Town where three people died including the shooter, have emerged.

According to Police preliminary investigations, Private RAF 0227 Robert Muyaga, a reservist attached to Masaka Reserve Force shot his wife Jacqueline Nagasha dead on allegations that she was having an extra marital affairs with Francis Musasizi (also dead), the LC chairperson Lutovu B Village, Malongo Sub County in Lwengo District.

Musasizi, who was riding a motorcycle, had come to pick up Nagasha who was in Byansi Clinic located along Elgin Street in Masaka town, for a pregnancy test.

Masaka regional police commander, Mr Enoch Abaine, said preliminary investigations indicate that Nagasha has been having an extra marital affair with Musasizi yet she was married to Muyaga which seems to have angered the latter.

“We are still carrying out more investigations and we shall share our final findings with the media,” he said on Saturday.

A footage captured from a CCTV camera at Byansi Clinic shows Musasizi coming on a motorcycle and finds Muyaga and Nagasha standing on the veranda of the clinic. He parks the motorcycle along the street and moves close to where the duo are standing and greets Muyaga. Moments later, Musasizi goes back to his motorcycle and Nagasha follows him. Muyaga is also seen moving near the motorcycle as Nagasha sat.

A few moment later, Mugaya opens fire at both of them killing the man on spot. The woman died later in the evening after being admitted to the hospital.

In the same footage, Muyaga is seen fleeing the scene with his gun, shooting in the air to scare away onlookers from pursuing him. Both Musasizi and Muyaga were residents of the same village.

Mr Mathias Wamala, an attendant at Byansi Clinic, said the suspect trailed the duo to the clinic and back to where the motorcycle was parked. Shortly after the incident, Muyaga fled the scene and hid in a lodge in Ssenyange, a Masaka Town suburb.

A combined force of police and army pursued Muyaga and he was killed in a fire exchange after resisting arrest.

“Mugaya became a threat since he was having a gun. After locking himself inside the room, our squad persuaded him to surrender, but he refused. He was eventually shot dead in an exchange of fire,” Maj Flavia Terimugungi, the spokesperson Armoured Brigade, said.

Army spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire, who rushed to Masaka on Friday evening and addressed an impromptu press conference, regretted the incident and clarified that the killer was a reservist, not an LDU.

“We strongly condemn the shooting that resulted into the death of two civilians. But I want to correct the misinformation circulating on social media. The person who shot is a reservist who had been assigned some guard duties in the town, he was not a member of LDU, not a regular personnel of UPDF and was also not on any assignment linked with enforcement of the measures government put in place to fight against Covid-19,” he said.

He said the UPDF will assist both families during the burial arrangements.

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