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Uganda: NCS calls for submission of standard operating procedures from associations

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KAMPALA — The sports sector is one of the sectors that have been globally halted due to the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Sports activities have horrendously been affected in country since March when President Museveni banned all gatherings as a preventive measure of the pandemic.

National council of sports has requested all its member Federations and Associations to ;

•Formulate their specific standard operating procedures outlining inter alia and what measures will be taken.

•Suggest social distancing modalities to be used for example, empty alternative lanes in Swimming of Athletics as well as keep 2metre distance between Athletes, fans and officials. Undertaking sporting activities in empty venues is a possibility for high risk sports.

•Possibly provide COVID-19 testing facilities at all venues and offices. Athletes and officials shall be required to take tests.

•Provide contact details for Athletes, officials and fans which will be recorded for case of tracing and contact if required

•Undertake temperature checks of all Athletes, officials and fans at sports venues or offices.

•Provide sanitizers, soap and hand washing facilities at all venues and offices.

•Ensure that gloves are worn by the team, event staff and officials.

•Provide closed disposal bins and containers at all venues for all disposables as well as provide hygienic materials like tissues.

•Athletes and officials do not share water bottles, clothing or any other personal items.

•Ensure the social distancing is practiced by fans and Athletes. This will be required ensuring that capacity of sports venues is assesses and limited fans are admitted to ensure safe social distancing.

•Ensure that anti Covid-19 containment measures and messaging are displayed at all venues.

•Ensure use of immersive and online technology where feasible to facilitate social distancing maybe used.

•Ensure that regular disinfecting of surfaces at sporting venues is mandatory.

•Put in place measures to ensure social distancing during access and exit of sports venues.

•Ensure all fans, officials and Athletes shall wear masks while participating in sports or in Venues.

Meanwhile, NCS has also put in place a working committee to formulate operating procedures to guide the member Federations on the resumption of sports activities in the country. The committee is expected to hold an online engagement on 30th May to discuss the proposed standard operating procedures.

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