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UGANDA: Lukwago, Nambooze likely to be unveiled as FDC members

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Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze could be officially unveiled as members of the Forum for Democratic Change any time from today, sources within FDC have told The Nile Post. Also on the list is Rubaga North MP, Moses Kasibante.

Highly placed sources told The Nile Post that the party has been in talks with the politicians, who have an attachment to DP, to formally have them on board.

The talks, we have been told, picked up intensity last week. Sources said that senior FDC officials led by the party president, Patrick Amuriat, are in the thick of the negotiations.

We have also been told that former FDC president Dr Kizza Besigye is playing a big role.

“They are about to join us but I can’t tell you with certainty. Things can change,” said an official knowledgeable about the negotiations.

As of last week, we have been told that the politicians were edging towards joining Uganda’s biggest opposition party. However, a few things have to be sorted out.

What will their role be in FDC?

That is one of the pertinent questions. Sources said that some people in FDC look at Lukwago and Nambooze as a threat in the sense that once they join, they are likely to assume higher positions.

Lukwago, for instance, could become the party president in future.

In fact, he is already being touted as the possible FDC flag bearer in the 2021 general election should Besigye opt not to stand.

Lukwago who acts as deputy president in People’s Government and Nambooze have for long hobnobbed with FDC, especially Besigye whom he considers a political mentor.

Although he is a member of DP, Lukwago has twice been elected Kampala lord mayor as an independent.

He fell out with the party in 2010 after the election of Norbert Mao as DP president general during a chaotic delegates conference in Mbale.

Nambooze remains vice president of DP in charge of Buganda sub region. She was ‘appointed’ to the position in 2015 at the party’s delegates conference in Katomi, Entebbe.

Her appointment, which came after some negotiations, was intended to soften her and bring her back to the main fold.

Yet she remains critical of Mao’s leadership. In fact in April 2017, she was suspended for three months for defying Mao.

After her suspension, she said: “For the party that believes in truth and justice, this exposes our President Mr Norbert Mao as being far short of that maxim, although I find his move sincere that people who are soul searching on how to make the party great again have no place at his table.”

We have been told that DP is now fronting Fred Kagimu, the Mukono mayor, to unseat Nambooze from parliament.

With the likelihood of being denied a DP ticket very high, Nambooze, we have been told, has found the prospect of joining FDC very alluring. In any case she has been working closely with Besigye for years.

Kasibante, too, is on FDC’s radar. Kasibante is close to Lukwago and Nambooze. Over the years, has also closely worked with Besigye.

Today, FDC is set to unveil its electoral roadmap at Najjanankumbi. Besigye will be in attendance.

Sources said several big announcements will be made.

One of them, sources said, could be the unveiling of the political trio before members and supporters.

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