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UGANDA: Lukwago comments on impediments awaiting new KCCA Executive Director

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Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has warned the KCCA Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka of the hurdles awaiting her in the new job.

On Thursday, Kisaka was sworn in as the new Kampala Capital City Autohiry Executive Director at City Hall.

However, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the function, Lukwago warned the new KCCA boss of the hurdles awaiting her as she strive to transform the city.

“The Kampala they(new KCCA leadership) have come to serve is not a joke. It has its own problems and its own people that they must take into consideration,”Lukwago said.

“We have people who are the owners of the city that we serve and we must follow the law. One problem has been disregard of the law.”

The KCCA technical wing headed by the Executive Director has for the past 10 or so years been at loggerheads with the political wing headed by the Lord Mayor over a number of issues.

However, Lukwago asked that the issues that have in the past created a situation of animosity at City Hall ought to be addressed.

“These uncoordinated movements and policies which are not properly anchored on plan are causing us problems. We are being cast in bad light that we are fighting development yet we want organised development,”Lukwago said.

He urged that there should be a new chapter at City Hall where all leaders work in unison, other than fighting.

Kisaka not moved

However, according to the new KCCA Executive Director the first concern s leaders for Kampala will be safety for all.

“We shall work towards minimizing interruptions to development by building bridges that promote peace across the many stakeholders. We cannot develop the City in the midst of unending intentional interruptions. We will promote a culture that says we are bigger than the differences that divide us. The people of Kampala deserve that. We can all win,”Kisaka said in her inaugural speech.

She noted that the new team will work towards serving Kampala and its diversity but ensure that everyone is catered for with basic amenities both in dwelling and trading spaces.

In the past, the KCCA technical wing has accused the city’s political leadership led by the lord mayor, division mayors, and councilors of sabotaging several developmental works.

However, speaking on Thursday, the new KCCA Executive Director warned she will not entertain detractors.

“We shall not yoke with detractors of development or those who steal public property, or promote divisions that deter development, or eat the bread of laziness, or mistreat City dwellers, or in any way break the law and deter the good work of developing Uganda. We shall be trustworthy stewards of this great trust of Kampala city. Hon Minister, we know you shall hold us accountable,”she said.

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