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UGANDA: Letshego donates relief items to Kasolo Foundation

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Letshego Holdings Ltd, under its subsidiary Letshego Uganda has donated a consignment worth shs4 million to Kasolo Foundation in Kyotera district as added effort towards managing the impact of the Corona virus pandemic.

“During times of uncertainty and crisis, one cannot reiterate enough the need to support one another. COVID-19 has really tested our collective strength. With many businesses closing, unemployment spiking, inability to pay rent and keeping the lights on- getting tougher than ever before. That’s why partnering with an initiative that is already taking strides in bettering their community is an opportunity we couldn’t pass on,” Giles Aijukwe the CEO at Letshego said during the function on Friday morning.

He explained that the donation is part of the company’s efforts to give back to communities in which they operate but also help the population improve their lives.

“We profoundly believe in development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations. So we help where we can because we are firmly committed to building a better world together. An initiative like supporting the Kasolo Foundation is a formidable and worthwhile partnership.”

The Letshego Uganda CEO said that currently, their operations are towards prevention and awareness campaigns to sensitize local communities towards Covid-19.

“Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic: we donated 1,000,000 masks and gloves, produced 28,000 liters of antibacterial gel, contributed more 5,000 tons of our products to build hospitals, distributed 650,000 meals and food packages, and sanitized 1,000 villages,” Aijukwe said.

The Kyotera MP but also the brain behind Kasolo Foundation, Minister Haruna Kasolo applauded Letshego for the donation.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the management and staff of Letshego Uganda for heeding the calls of the people of Kyotera and for their continued support to the youth. Their donation will go a long way in providing much needed assistance to the staff and beneficiaries of the foundation. We are eternally grateful,” Kasolo said.

“Government is doing whatever is possible to protect us from Covid-19. It is important that we play our part washing hands with soap or sanitizers, try and maintain social distancing and wear masks appropriately.”

About Kasolo Foundation

Founded by Minister Haruna Kasolo, the Kasolo Foundation caters to over 100 youth both male and female in the Kyotera area by arming them with skills in hair dressing, sewing, motorcycle repair and maintenance, metal work and fabrication and carpentry.

Opening up of the organization was premised on the public outcry over high levels of youth un

employment in Kyotera. The foundation also ensures discipline through counselling and guidance classes, book keeping, customer care and marketing skills.

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