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UGANDA: Lawyers say, “victim did not die of a gun shot” – Kanyamunyu case.

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In their effort to get their clients off the murder charge, the lawyers representing Kampala businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu and Girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari have submitted that the deceased Kenneth Akena did not die as a result of the alleged gun shot wound allegedly fired by Mathew Kanyamunyu but rather died from a surgical operation gone bad.

These are being represented by renown senior criminal city lawyers Mac dusman Kabega , Caleb Alaka and Evans Ochienge.

Appearing before Kampala high court judge Steven Mubiru, the have put up the said controversial argument claiming that Kenneth Akena a children’s activist and healthy worker who was allegedly shot in the stomach by Kanyamunyu on the 12th of November 2016 for scratching his car possibly died due to over bleeding while being operated at Nakasero hospital were the two suspects had taken him for treatment after the incident.

According to the lawyers, these findings were contained in a postmortem report, however, a doctor from Norvik clinic were Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend had first taken the deceased for medical attention after allegedly revealed that he could not offer medical attention to Akena because he had lost a lot of blood and referred Kanyamunyu to transfer him to Nakasero hospital that was more qualified to handle such a case.

Kabega and his team made the allegation while cross examining prosecution witness number 4; a pathologist who preferred to testify by use of a pseudo name X.

The pathologist had also testified that according to the postmortem report he carried out on the deceased, Akena died as a result of bleeding in the muscles caused by a bullet that was recovered stuck in his rectal muscles.

But the controversial criminal lawyers however, have contested the findings further claiming the pathologist did not find any bullet because it had already been removed during the operation.

These have now asked court to compel the said pathologist to bring the actual handwritten report in which he claimed to have stated that the deceased died as a result of over bleeding due to Kanyamunyu’s alleged gunshot which court has consented to

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