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UGANDA: ‘I am not here to merely oppose Museveni but to stand for something’, says Kabuleta

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Former sports journalist, turned evangelist, Joseph Kabuleta has said he has joined the presidential race not to merely oppose the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni but rather to stand for something.

Kabuleta on Wednesday officially announced his presidential bid to change the status quo and oust Museveni from power in the forthcoming 2021 general election.

He joins a list of many other politicians including Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, ANT’s Maj.Gen.Mugisha Muntu, controversial political commentator Charles Rwomushana and former Security Minister, Lt. Gen.Henry Tumukunde who have publicly declared interest to run for presidency.

When asked to comment on fronting a joint candidate in the forthcoming polls, Kabuleta said the opposition is only focusing on removing Museveni and not standing for something.

“What has perpetuated this system in place is because everybody puts themselves as standing against Museveni rather than something. The whole thing of we are uniting to stand against Museveni is fake. Why doesn’t he unite with all of them to stand against Kabuleta,”Kabuleta said on Wednesday afternoon.

The evangelist said Museveni is not worth his time because he is on his way out and that he won’t unite with opposition to remove him.

“I unite on a principal not just removing Museveni. I am not uniting with anybody unless they have a platform of economic liberation that matches with mine. Even if they have it, they will have to come and unite under me not with me.”

Stings opposition

In what looked like a swipe at the country’s opposition politicians, Kabuleta said whereas he has visited almost every opposition political party and politician, he has realized they are focused on merely opposing the status quo but not standing for anything.

“I met all of them and they are merely opposition. None of them has a message apart from removing Museveni. You being in this thing(opposition) for so long is like someone being poor all the time, when someone calls you rich you would get offended,” he said.

Explaining that the country needs more than change, Kabuleta said he wants a country where everyone is rich and that this would mean everything just falls in place if people have wealth at their disposal.

“Nobody has come to say they are standing for anything. For me am not standing against anybody but for financial liberation. We want more than change. You can get change but may not be the thing you longed for. There has to be something specific that we vote for.”


Whereas the opposition in Uganda has always rooted for joint candidates to oust President Museveni from power, this has not yielded any tangible results for many years, the latest being The Democratic Alliance (TDA) towards the 2016 general election.

Just like it has been for many years, TDA collapsed due to a number of reasons including mistrust, mutual suspicion and protection of political territory and influence.

It however, remains to be seen if the opposition politicians will this time put all these behind them for a joint candidate in the forthcoming election as has been suggested by many.

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