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UGANDA: Grasshopper trappers in Masaka appeal to government over fight against locusts.

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Grasshopper trappers in Masaka Sub region have petitioned the government to allow them join the fight against the destructive desert locusts that invaded the country.

Under their umbrella Old Masaka Basenene Association Limited (OMBAU), the grasshopper trappers say that they can fight and end the problem of destructive locusts.

Mr Kuraish Katongole, the national chairperson OMBAU said they have written to Minister of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries, Mr Vincent Ssempijja expressing interest in the fight against locusts at a low cost without using praying pesticides that affect the environment.

“We have been in this trade of trapping grasshoppers for 30 years and they are similar to desert locusts and we have the capacity to catch more than 500 bags of locusts in one single day without using chemicals which are dangerous to the environment,” Mr Katongole said.

“We catch grasshoppers whose source is not known, do you doubt our capacity to catch the locusts which we know are in Karamoja and Teso sub regions?” he said.

There are at least 500 registered grasshopper trappers in Masaka, according to Mr Katongole.

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