UGANDA: ‘God has sent me to rescue the elderly from suffering’ – Miria Matembe

UGANDA: ‘God has sent me to rescue the elderly from suffering’ – Miria Matembe

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The former Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Miria Matembe, has declared her intention to run for one of the five slots for the Elderly persons in parliament.

This come shortly after parliament approved 5 new slots for the elderly among the 71 new seats that were created in the August house.

Matembe who is also a human rights activist said God has spoken to her to come and rescue the elderly people from the suffering they have been going through without help.

“God has made a miracle. I didn’t know that there was intention to create such a position.I left parliament 14 years but now I can’t resist God’s calling because he called me to come and rescue the elderly,”Matembe said in an interview with NBS television.

Matembe said she has been seeing the elderly suffering while others end up being killed on the issues of regarding land among others.

“The elderly are crying out everyday. Some of them have been chased away from their land. Some have been chased away by their own children. Children are selling the land. Women don’t have where to go, “said Matembe.

She said her main goal is to improve the welfare of the these people more especially the issue of health insurance among others.

“The elderly need health insurance. We need to categorise these people because there are those who are extremely vulnerable and those who are not vulnerable like me, although I also need health insurance,”said Matembe.

She said she is going to mobilise the elderly to stand up for their rights so that they are protected from the ill hearted people in the community.

“This has been in my heart, so when this seat was announced, I felt strong in my spirit that this is the platform that calls for my help. God brought this platform and put it in my spirit to go and represent his people and that’s why I came out,” she said.

Matembe joins other senior citizens like former Minister for ICT Aggrey Awori who have declared their intentions to represent the elderly.

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