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Uganda-Former Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo bounces back as Vice President

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I hereby inform the country that By virtue of the Authority given to   the President of Uganda by Articles: 108(2), 108A(1), 113(1) and 114(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I hereby appoint H.E. the Vice President, Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Honourable Cabinet Ministers and other Ministers as indicated below:

1.         H.E. the Vice President                      ─         HON. JESSICA ALUPO;


2.         Rt. Hon. Prime Minister                      ─         HON. ROBINAH  

And Leader of Government               NABBANJA;

Business in Parliament                                     

3.         1st Deputy Prime Minister and           ─         HON. REBECCA

            Minister for East African                                KADAGA;

            Community Affairs

4.         2nd Deputy Prime Minister                ─         HON.GEN. MOSES ALI;

            & Deputy Leader of Gov’t                            

            Business in Parliament                       

5.         3rd Deputy Prime Minister and ─      HON. LUKIA 

Minister without Port-folio                NAKADAMA;

6.         Minister of Education and      ─         HON. MUSEVENI 

Sports                                                              JANET KATAAHA;

7.         Minister, Office of the President─     MS. MARIAM DHOKA

            (Presidency)                                                    BABALANDA;

8.         Minister, Office of the President─     HON. JIM MUHWEEZI;


9.         Minister, Office of the President─     DR. MUSENERO

            Serviced by the State House               MONICA;

            Comptroller, in charge of Science,

            Technology and Innovation

10.       Minister for Kampala Capital ─         HAJATI MISI

            City and Metropolitan Affairs                       KABANDA;

11.       Minister, Office of the Prime ─         RT. HON. KASULE 

Minister (General Duties)                               LUMUMBA; 

12.       Government Chief Whip                    ─         HON. TAYEBWA 


13.       Minister, Office of the Prime  ─         HON. ONEK HILARY;

            Minister (Relief, Disaster 

Preparedness & Refugees                                                      

14.       Minister for Karamoja Affairs            ─         HON. MARIA GORETTI 


15.       Minister of Agriculture, Animal         ─         HON. FRANK

Industry and Fisheries                        TUMWEBAZE; 

16.       Attorney-General                                ─         MR. KIRYOWA 


17.       Minister of Defence and                     ─         HON.VINCENT      

        Veterans Affairs                                     SSEMPIJJA


18.       Minister of Energy and Minerals─     HON. RUTH 

        Development                                       NANKABIRWA; 

19.       Minister of Finance, Planning ─         HON. MATIA

            And Economic Development             KASAIJA;                                                     

20.       Minister of Foreign                             ─         HON. JEJE ODONGO;


21.       Minister of Gender, Labour    ─         HON. BETTY AMONGI; 

            And Social Development

22.       Minister of Health                               ─         HON. DR. JANE ACENG;

23.       Minister of Information,                     ─         DR. CHRIS    

        Communications Technology                 BARYOMUNSI;

            And National Guidance

24.       Minister of Internal Affairs    ─         HON. KAHINDA 


25.       Minister of Justice and                        ─

            Constitutional Affairs 

26.       Minister of Lands, Housing    ─         HON. JUDITH    

        And Urban Development                           NABAKOBA;

27.       Minister of Local Government           ─         HON. RAPHAEL 


28.       Minister of Public Service                   ─         HON. MURUULI 


29.       Minister of Tourism, Wildlife ─         HON. TOM BUTIME;

            And Antiquities.

30.       Minister of Trade, Industry and         ─        MR. FRANCIS MWEBESA;


31.       Minister of Water and                         ─         HON. CHEPTORIS 

        Environment                                           MANGUSHO

32.       Minister of Works and                        ─         GEN. KATUMBA

            Transport                                                                     WAMALA;


Office of the President:

1.         Minister of State, Office of the          ─         HON. PETER OGWANG;

President (Economic Monitoring)                                          

2.         Minister of State, Office of the          ─         HON. AKELLO ROSE;

President (Ethics and Integrity)

Office of the Vice President:

3.         Minister of State, Office of    the      ─         HON. MUTASINGWA 

Vice President                                                 DIANA NANKUNDA;

Office of the Prime Minister:

4.         Minister of State, Office of                ─         HON. ANYAKUN 

The Prime Minister (Relief,                 ESTHER DAVINIA;

Disaster Preparedness and


5.         Minister of State, Office of    ─         HON. KWIYUCWINY

The Prime Minster (Northern              GRACE FREEDOM;                                     Uganda)         

6.         Minister of State, Office of the          ─         HON. AGNES NANDUTU;

            Prime Minister (Karamoja)                                         

7.         Minister of State, Office of the          ─         MS. ALICE KABOYO; 

Prime Minister (Luwero Triangle

-Rwenzori Region)     

8.         Minister of State, Office of the          ─         HON. NAMUYANGU

Prime Minister (Bunyoro Affairs)       KACHA JENNIFER;

9.         Minister of State, Office of the          ─         HON. DR. ONGALO- 

            Prime Minister (Teso Affairs)             OBOTE;                                                         

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries

10.       Minister of State for Agriculture, ─   HON. KYAKULAGA

Animal Industry and Fisheries                        FRED BWIINO;


11.       Minister of State for Agriculture, ─   HON. RWAMIRAMA

Animal Industry and Fisheries                        BRIGHT;

            (Animal Industry)

12.       Minister of State for Agriculture, ─   HON. ADOA HELLEN;

            Animal Industry and Fisheries


Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:

13.       Deputy Attorney General                   ─         HON. KAFUUZI 


Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

14.       Minister of State for Defence ─         HON. OBOTH OBOTH;

And Veteran Affairs (Defence)                      JACOB MARKSON                         

15.       Minister of State for Defence ─         HON. OLERU HUDA;

            And Veteran Affairs (Veteran


Ministry of East African Affairs

16.       Minister of State for                           ─         MR. MAGODE IKUYA; 

East African Affairs                                      

Ministry of Education and Sports

17.       Minister of State for Education          ─         HON.DR. MUYINGO 

And Sports (Higher Education)                      JOHN CHRYSOSTOM;

18.       Minister of State for Education          ─         HON. DR. MORIKU            

And Sports (Primary Education)        JOYCE KADUCU;

19.       Minister of State for Education          ─         HON. OBUA DENIS 

And Sports (Sports)                                        HAMSON; 

Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development:

20.       Minister of State for Energy and ─    HON. OKASAI

Minerals Development (Energy)                     SIDRONIUS OPOLOT; 

21.       Minister of State for Energy and ─    HON. PETER LOKERIS;

            Minerals Development (Minerals)

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

22.       Minister of State for Finance  ─         HON. HENRY

Planning and Economic                                  MUSAASIZI;

Development (General Duties)                                                                        

23.       Minister of State for Finance, ─         HON. AMOS   

        Planning and Economic                          LUGOLOOBI;

            Development (Planning)

24.       Minister of State for Finance, ─         HON. ANITE EVELYN;

Planning and Economic 

Development (Privatization and 


25.       Minister of State for Finance, ─         HON. KYEYUNE 

            Planning and Economic                                  HARUNA KASOLO;

        Development (Micro-Finance)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

26.       Minister of State for Foreign  ─         HON. ORYEM

Affairs (International Affairs)                        OKELLO;

27.       Minister of State for Foreign ─         MR. JONH MULIMBA;

Affairs (Regional Affairs)                                                       

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

28.       Minister of State for Gender, ─         HON. PEACE MUTUUZO;

Labour and Social Development

(Gender and Culture)                                     

29.       Minister of State for Gender, ─         HON. NYIRABASHITSI

Labour and Social Development        SARAH MATEKE;

(Youth and Children Affairs)                                                

30.       Minister of State for Gender, ─         HON. OKELLO ENGOLA;

Labour and Social Development

(Employment and Industrial  


31.       Minister of State for Gender, ─         HON. HELLEN ASAMO;

            Labour and Social Development

(Disability Affairs)

32.       Minister of State for Gender  ─         HON. GIDUDU MAFAABI;

            Labour and Social Development

            (Elderly Affairs)

Ministry of Health:

33.       Minister of State for Health    ─         HON. BANGIRANA 

(General Duties)                                              KAWOYA;

34.       Minister of State for Health    ─         HON. MARGARET 

(Primary Health Care)                         MUHAANGA                                   

Ministry of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance:

35.       Minister of State for Information─    MS. JOYCE 

        Communication Technology and            SSEBUGWAWO

        National Guidance

Ministry of Internal Affairs:

36.       Minister of State for                           ─         GEN. DAVID MUHOOZI;

Internal Affairs                                              

Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs:

37.       Minister of State for Kampala            ─         MR. KABUYE 

            Capital City and                                              KYOFATOGABYE;


Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

38.       Minister of State for Lands,   ─         HON. NAMUGANZA;

        Housing and Urban Development (Housing)                            

39.       Minister of State for Lands,   ─         HON. OBIGA KANIA; 

Housing and Urban 

Development (Urban Development)                                                              

40.       Minister of State for Lands,   ─         MR.SAM MAYANJA;

Housing and Urban 

Development (Lands)                                                            

Ministry of Local Government:

41.       Minister of State for                           ─         HON. VICTORIA

            Local Government                                          RUSOKE;

Ministry of Public Service:

42.       Minister of State for                           ─         MS. GRACE MARY  

            Public Service                                                 MUGASA

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:

43.       Minister of State for Tourism, ─         HON. MARTIN MUGARRA;

Wildlife and Antiquities                                                                    

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives:

44.       Minister of State for   Trade, ─         HON. GUME

Industry and Cooperatives                 FREDRICK NGOBI;


45.       Minister of State for Trade,    ─         HON. BAHATI DAVID; 

            Industry and Cooperatives                                                                


46.       Minister of State for Trade,    ─         HON. HARRIET 

Industry and Cooperatives                 NTABAAZI;


Ministry of Water and Environment:

47.       Minister of State for Water     ─         HON. BEATRICE; 

            And Environment (Environment)       ANYWAR

48.       Minister of State for Water     ─         HON. AISHA SEKKINDI

       And Environment (Water)                                                            

Ministry of Works and Transport:

49.       Minister of State for Works    ─         HON. MUSA ECHWERU;

And Transport (Works)                                                                      

50.       Minister of State for Works    ─         HON. BYAMUKAMA 

And Transport (Transport)                              FRED                                     







2.         HON. BETTY KAMYA                    –           SENIOR PRESIDENTIAL

                                                                                                ADVISOR – LANDS


                                                                                                ADVISOR – ECONOMIC 


4.         HON. SARAH KANYIKE               –           SENIOR PRESIDENTIAL

                                                                                                ADVISOR – KAMPALA

5.         GEN. ELLY TUMWINE                   –           SENIOR PRESIDENTIAL

                                                                                                ADVISOR – SECURITY

            NRM SECRETARIAT:

1.         HON. RICHARD TODWONG        –           SECRETARY 

                                                                GENERAL NRM

2.         HON. ROSE NAMAYANJA                        –           DEPTY SECRETARY

                                                                                                GENERAL NRM

3.         HON. OUNDO NEKESA                 –           NATIONAL TREASURER


SIGNED this ………………… of ………, in the Year of our Lord Two thousand Twenty One (2021).

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni



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