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UGANDA: Eskom overturns excess water at Nalubaale and Kiira dams due to Lake Victoria level rising.

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According to a statement from the company, following the heavier than normal rains last year, the water levels in Lake Victoria have been rising since October 2019 and this would cause problems to the dam.

“It is our informed position that the current headwater level trends are approaching the maximum and warning levels that would impede the operations and safety of the two dams,” the statement from Eskom reads in part.

According to Peter Tentena, the Eskom Operations Manager, if they had exceeded the warning level, the dams would be subjected to excessive pressure which would affect their lifespan.

“It would compromise the operations and safety of the dams,”Tentena said.

According to Eskom, they first talked to the Directorate of water resources and management which permitted them to spill water at the dams.

The company said the exercise that kicked off on Friday will continue until advised otherwise by the Directorate of water resources and management but this they said is meant to deal with excess waters in Lake Victoria.

They, however, warned that the spilled water may affect several downstream activities like fishing and lakeside farming.

Other activities along River Nile including rafting may also be affected by the ongoing exercise.

“Eskom Uganda would like to appeal to the community to take precautions during the water spill.”

In 2016, Eskom spilled water through the spill and sluice gates of Kiira and Nalubaale dams in Jinja as part of a test exercise for flood water control to avert emergency situations as water levels on Lake Victoria rise.

The nine flood gates at the Kiira and Nalubaale dams can release up to one million cubic meters of water per second for every hour if let open at once.

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