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UGANDA: Erias Lukwago says Museveni has already rigged 2021 election

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Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has said that President Museveni has already rigged the 2021 elections.

Lukwago made the remarks while appearing on one of the local television stations on Monday, January 20.

According to Lukwago, casting the ballot alone is not enough to get rid of Museveni urging that Uganda has no independent Electoral Commission

“Do we have an independent Electoral Commission (EC) that can deliver a free and fair election? It is rooted in illegalities. Justice Byabakama is holding the position illegally,” he noted.

“We have a demi-god of sorts. That is the challenge we are facing. As much as we have individual ambitions, let us have a common ground that will rid us from the jaws of one individual,” Lukwago added.

He added that “We are going to see the worst delegates conference. He has successfully managed to intimidate the jokers of the NRM. In Chobe, they already passed a resolution that he is the sole candidate for 2021. NRM is devoid of internal democracy.”

According to Lukwago, there are several colleagues being persuaded by talks that they should take up more seats in parliament.

He advised them not to listen but rather go in for the big position (presidency) which in the liberation struggle.

“We are sitting on a time bomb and it is those kinds of manipulations masterminded by the so-called revolutionaries that put the country on edge. In NRM, it is treason to stand against President Museveni,” he said.

He further revealed that he will still contest for Kampala Lord Mayorship come 2021

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