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UGANDA DECIDES 2021: Here are Amanya Mushega’s views on the current political situation in Uganda

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  1. “u have the inner self and say why am i beginning to play football with my grandchildren and i stop them from scoring because i must be appearing to be the best scorer” Amanya Mushega


2. “They call it a sacrifice, I call it a contribution” – Mushega on the Bush war.

3. What hurts the most is that nobody from the government has come out to apologize for those who died in the recent riots – Amanya Mushega

4. Amanya Mushega: “Power intoxicates a person worse than alcohol. When you want to stay long in power, you make yourself indispensable with the aid of associates who make people believe that there is no other option but you.

5. The young man grows in the Ghetto, goes to school, finishes University, does music & succeeds, stands & WINs an MP seat & then comes as a presidential candidate. Some of us have children who’ve grown from Kololo but have failed to make it in life – Amanya Mushega

6. Amanya Mushega..One thing is clear. As a country, we need to work for values that promote Youth-Adult partnerships. This country will be far if the contributions of both adults and young people are prioritized and equally valued.

Amanya Mushega: “A person who doesn’t deny his background is a credible person. Why don’t you give credit where it is due that somebody has managed to come up and become a formidable force.”

7. Amanya Mushega: “What hurts me most about violence in our politics is that my friends; Gen Saleh, Rugunda, Museveni, and other colleagues don’t deploy their sons to go beat up people. If you can’t deploy your own, why send other people’s sons to torture people?”

8. Amanya Mushega: “Power intoxicates a person worse than alcohol. As long as President Museveni is a candidate, it is not impossible but very difficult to hold free and fair elections.

9. Amanya Mushega : It is not too late for President Museveni to retire peacefully

10. The young have nothing to lose because they feel it is their time. ~Amanya Mushega

11. The problem with Ugandans is that we live beyond our means. We do not value where we put our money. The parliament is bloated and everything is bloated. It is a burden to the budget and one day, we shall pay for it heavily if we do not restrain – Amanya Mushega

12. Uganda is for all of us. We shouldn’t have had these elections because of COVID-19 but now that they are here, let us apply the law to everybody and not selectively – Amanya Mushega

13. If you don’t believe in something, don’t try to advocate for it, let’s apply the law equally not selectively, Let’s treat this Country as ours, let’s have the time to serve, to be served and be appreciated ~ Amanya Mushega

14. We met with President Museveni between 2004 and 2005 many times persuading him not to change the constitution. He went ahead and changed it but it does not mean that I no longer talk to him – Amanya Mushega

15. We need to value ourselves as Africans. We do not value our people and we do not value our survivors. We have lost our dignity. During the Mabira riots, an Indian was killed and we sent “Mabugo’ to India but nobody knew how many Ugandans died – Amanya Mushega

16. Education is not for political gain. It is for the future of the country. And most of the people getting it will become productive when you who gave them the quality education are not in power – Amanya Mushega

17. All security officers are trained on how to handle civil strifes. The bullet is the last thing you can use on your own people. To demonstrate is not a crime. It is like the armed forces are trained to kill their own people – Amanya Mushega

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