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Uganda: Court orders Government to compensate Lukwago Shs 50million over his brutal arrest

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High Court Judge Henrietta Wolayo has awarded 50 million shillings as compensation to Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, over his brutal arrest by Police at his home at Wakaliga back in 2017.

The judge made a finding that Police’s act of arresting and detaining Lukwago,who was heading to his office on 21st September 2017 was unlawful and it was a violation of his personal liberty provided for under the constitution.

The Lord Mayor was arrested at his house in Wakaliga by police, supposedly to prevent him from joining other opposition leaders in Kampala to pretest the Age Limit Constitutional amendment which was in the making at the time.

“While the Applicant was not subjected to torture, cruel and inhuman treatment, he was subjected to degrading treatment when he was grabbed and bundled into a caged van by the Respondent’s officers in violation of his right not to be subjected to degrading treatment.”

The court further ruled that Police also violated Lukwago’s right to privacy, and that he therefore deserved remedies

On top of the 50 Million shillings compensation Government has been ordered to also pay him costs for this of this application.

This will carry an interest rate of 10% per annum from Monday 11th May 2020 the ruling date until the full payment of the whole amount.

During his arrest, Lukwago claimed that the police officers grabbed and squeezed his private parts.

He claims the police officers “charged at him, and pounced, hitting him in the groin and lower abdomen, squeezed his private  parts, ribs, arms, and legs before bundling him into a police cage.

On December 14, 2017, he petitioned court seeking to be awarded punitive, exemplary and general damages for the psychological torture, mental anguish, and emotional stress suffered during the process.

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