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UGANDA COURT: Gunshot residues found on Kanyamunyu’s clothes.

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A ballistic expert has told Court that gunshot residues were found on the clothes belonging to Matthew Kanyamunyu.

Gunshot residues are deposited on the hands and clothes of someone who discharges a firearm.

Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari are on trial for the murder of child rights activist Kenneth Akena.

On Friday, Ms Robinah Kirinya a Principal Analyst from the Government Analytical Laboratory in Kampala, told court that she examined exhibits like Kanyamunyu’s car, and in the glove compartment, where he allegedly hid the killer gun that is still missing.

β€œThe bullet was fired from a 0.22 firearm such as a pistol or a revolver,” Ms Kirinya told trial judge Stephen Mubiru.

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