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UGANDA: Commissioner General Doris Akol highlights Potential Of Businesswomen in uplifting the Economy.

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Doris Akol, As I steer forward an unstoppable, continuously improving 

organisation, I can confidently say that URA is in safe hands with a 

45% phenomenal women count, making extraordinary 

transformative strides in our careers with passion to develop our 

country. Allow me to recognise the URA ladies on the panel today and 

those present. They do a tremendous job in ensuring URA achieves 

her goals. I am so proud of you all. 

Now let us speak about women and gender equality. 

2. The pursuit for sustainability- SDG 5Achieve gender equality 

and empower all women and girls. 

As the world envisions 2030, the wellbeing, growth and 

sustainability for women is on the top radar for many 

organisations, governments and other international bodies. The 

target being; 

To ensure women’s full and effective participation and 

equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision 

making in political, economic and public life. 

What is gender equality? 

Fellow women, gender equality is not about us crying foul over 

the past ridicules we have been subjected to in a world of gender 

inequalities, rather , we are to stand up tall, strong and 

professional against any systems, structures, norms or beliefs 

that prevent us from exploring our full potential. These 

impediments is what I am going to focus my talk on today. 

3. The bottlenecks to women’s success and solutions 

Cultural huddles- Most of our cultures look down on women and up to the men 

perceiving women as perpetually dependent on men. These 

create unconscious bias. 

The inhibitions that societies preach to us are manmade, God 

made us all in his image. We are far much stronger than what 

we have been perceived to be. So let us jump above such 

huddles and pursue our dreams. The power is in forming 

close and meaningful connections with one another. The 

baganda say “agaali awamu…geegaluma enyama” 

Competition against each other vs. networking It is said that “there is a place in heaven for women who 

support each other”. Instead of competing with one another, 

let us create networks and learn new skills. As we pull each 

other up, be secure enough in your strengths and 

capabilities and praise others for achievements attained. We 

win better as a team and remember people are connectors 

to opportunities. Make the most through networking, once 

you find your network of supporters, don’t be afraid to 

express your projects/ business ideas, ask for their opinions, 

explicitly request for help if needed. You never know who has 

the capacity to pull you up. 

4. Doubting Thomas. 

There is sometimes a negative voice distracting you from 

moving forward. It makes you think less of yourself and often 

times creates fear. Best way to deal with the doubts is 

equipping yourself with knowledge. Read and research 

widely, once you become knowledgeable, trust that 

knowledge and confidently express yourself when challenged. 

You need to work through the moments of self-doubt and not 

wait for perfection before starting a business or taking on a 

big promotion. 

Be mindful of the fact that the road to success is paved 

with losses, mishaps and mistakes, but it still can lead to 

where you want to go. Take that step, however small, move 

forward and don’t give up. Believe in your strengths and be 

very optimistic. 

5. Male dominated careers- 

Be the trail-blazer, go against the odds and pursue a career 

field typically perceived to be for men. You will have not only 

broken the stereotype but you will also have woken up more 

women to take up the challenge. Trust me most of these 

careers come with a juicy paycheck. 

E.g. a. Technology (ICT)- To fit in the digital age, be 

technologically advanced. 

b. Plumbing- be that “Ms. Fix it”. Don’t mind getting your 

hands dirty. At least you will be your own boss. 

c. Mechanical engineering- start up a garage, pursue a 

career in aero engineering. 

d. Commercial farming- Tip; we all work so as to put food 

on the table. So be the provider of this, the demand is a 


6. Limited perceptions on Role of women. 

We grew up being told that women cannot do this and that. 

Times have changed Let us raise our little girls as strong 

aspiring leaders in both business and the corporate world. 

Tell them they can do anything anywhere. 

Help them to confidently step out and defy the negative 

gender based perceptions. 

7. Work life balance- it is sometimes tough juggling a thriving 

career, rewarding business and a happy family life. Since we 

have chosen to have it all, Resilience, managing oneself 

and avoiding time wasters is key. Fortunately in some 

organisations the culture of work is being remodeled to allow 

women more flexibility, an advantage for us. However, 

working for yourself will probably always allow more freedom 

than working for someone else. This is why I strongly 

commend the women in business and encourage those still 

hesitant to venture into one to please start. Even if in 

employment, it is wise to have another income stream. 

8. Trying to be male in female skin- we don’t have to be 

aggressive or overly harsh to prove ourselves, instead stay 

true to yourself, find your own voice, focus on getting to your 

destined peak and rise above the waves. The negative voices 

are a distraction, ignore them and master confidence in 



➢ As Women, we can transform the nation if we have ambition, 

are willing to do the hard work, put in the time to learn new 

things and make groundbreaking experiences that bring 

positive change to the world. So let us get working. 

➢ Closing TIP for business- your take-home. 

Here are two trending and lucrative businesses that I think we 

should venture into; 

1. Mobile business. Take your business from in-house to on- 

wheels and start traveling to your customers. 

There are several benefits associated with running a mobile 

business and conducting services from anywhere. Not only does 

it increase your opportunity to earn revenue from different 

places, it also enables you to work on your own terms. 

With an increase in online ordering and service delivery, 

becoming a “business on wheels” will enable you to better serve 

your current and potential customers. 

Profitable mobile businesses include food delivery, Ice cream 

trucks, repair services, 

2. Child oriented businesses. With a fertility rate of 5.54, 

Uganda has a 49% proportion of the population comprising 

children under 15 years. So child-oriented businesses are 

guaranteed to see profit. These include; 

post natal mother care, child minders, childcare organizations 

and entertainment services for kids. Depending on your skill set 

and business goals, you can start a child minding home, Kids 

Park, or new mothers nursing home to earn money. 

Ladies, whatever you chose to do from today remember, 

A positive attitude enables you to face every challenge with 

passion. Secondly, do not allow yourself to get contented with 

yesterday’s success, comfort and growth should not co-exist. So 

throw away that blanket and step into the new day with new 

energies, purpose and passion”. 

We are Women, no doubt God’s best creation. Let us take position 

and assert our dignity. A toast to womanhood. 

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