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UGANDA: Buganda commissions government on the federal system

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The Buganda Kingdom has asked government to consider its demand for the restoration of the federal system so as to restore the kingdom to where it was in 1966.

Speaking at Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s 27th coronation anniversary celebrations on Friday, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, the kingdom prime minister, told the Kabaka that there is growing demand within the kingdom for the government to address their quest for federal status.

He said this is because of the milestones the kingdom has achieved amid difficulties, to revamp institutions which had collapsed and establishing new ones which are restoring the status the kingdom enjoyed before it’s abolition in 1966.

“This is a historic event. It is the 27th anniversary of your coronation after 27 years when the kingdom had been abolished. Rebuilding a kingdom is not easy. We are not where we were in 1966, but all the signs show we are heading there,” Mr Mayiga said.

He explained that the new demand for the federal status is arising from the sacrifice and dedication the Kabaka’s subjects and ministers have accorded to the kingdom despite the difficulties and they reason that if the kingdom had the autonomy, it would restore its glory.

“The good thing, the representatives of the central government, the vice president, ministers and members of Parliament are here. Let us table this matter, have it discussed once and for all, and we move on,” he said.

The Vice President, Mr Edward Sekandi, who was the chief guest, thanked the Kabaka for steering the kingdom and ensuring that there is harmony between the kingdom and the central government in the last 27 years of his reign.

“We thank you for promoting health, education and the work culture. During Covid-19, you strongly came out with the Nabageereka, urging the people of Buganda and Ugandans to follow the government guidelines to avoid Covid-19 and the Central Government is very grateful for this cordial relationship,” he said.

Kabaka Mutebi thanked his subjects for the sacrifice, resilience and all the resources they have commited to rebuilding the kingdom in the last 27 years.

He appealed to his subjects and Ugandans to continue following the government guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19.

“I thank the frontline workers and leaders battling the disease. If possible we should start a door-to-door sensitisation programme to sensitise people about this disease,” he said.

We warned security agencies against the high handedness they are exhibiting while enforcing the government guidelines. He said people should not be denied their human rights when enforcing the guidelines advising that people who defy the guidelines, should be handling through the established judicial mechanisms.

He cautioned the government against prioritising response to Covid-19 while neglecting other disease such as HIV/Aids which are also killing Ugandans. He advised the youth to engage in income generating activities to alleviate poverty.

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