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UGANDA: Boda boda cyclists in Bududa protest over police brutality.

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Boda boda cyclists in Bududa district have this afternoon protested police brutality in the district.

This follows a scenario where Mubakari Kuloba a bodaboda cyclist was beaten by police officers accusing him of carrying two people on the motorcycle.

This made him lose control hence knocking the nearby tree stamp leaving him with injuries. He is currently at Bududa hospital.

Cyclists like Vincent Wangolo, Peter Natanga among others accused police officers of extortion.

They said for them as Boda-boda cyclists, they don’t have where they can get what to eat and depend mostly on their motorcycles to earn a living.

They said they are tired of torture and now want the president to come to their rescue.

Juma Kuuya the chairperson Bududa Boda-Boda Association requested a meeting between the cyclists and security operatives in the district saying they have failed to cooperate with them as they impose the presidential directives on Covid-19.

According to Kuuya, he cannot watch the people being tortured yet they are not carrying people.

He said police officers in Bududa are not after saving lives but they are looking for money from the cyclists.

He said the cyclists have vowed to mobilize for a bigger strike if there is no good working relationship with the police.

Yonasan Bululu the Bududa district vice chairperson said they cannot look at their people being tortured even when they are carrying luggage and pregnant mothers to save a life.

He said there should be a sense of understanding between them and police but not riots.

Jafari Magyezi the Bududa district police commander said the cyclists have continuously violated the presidential directive saying the one who was beaten was first stopped by those on the patrol while he was carrying two people on the motorcycle but he tried to run.

He however said they are going to visit the scene as investigations are going on to ascertain the truth.

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