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UGANDA: Bobi Wine trashes Gen Muhoozi talk proposal.

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Opposition leader Bobi Wine has trashed a suggestion for a meet up between him and First Son, Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba— telling him to first stop actions that he and his father also the long serving leader, President Museveni that have ran down the country and destroyed institutions through the barrel of the gun.

Responding to a Gen Muhoozi tweet,
People Power pressure group leader, Presidential hopeful and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi said he is open to talks with anyone but placed conditions for such talks to happen.

“I’m open to transparent talks with anyone but before that, you and your father should stop actions that have left many orphans, widows and torture victims,” Bobi Wine said.

Bobi Wine claimed that there is no way talks would be transparent with Muhoozi when he (Bobi Wine) is not ‘free’.

“Respect human rights and the rule of law. Only free men can negotiate. Remove the boot off my neck and I’ll have a voice to speak with you,” he added.

Bobi Wine was responding to an earlier suggestive tweet by the First Son who also happens to the Presidential advisor on Special operations.

Ge. Muhoozi, who is one rank below his father, claimed that a lot of his ‘supporters’ were persuading him into talking to Bobi Wine.

He did not mention exactly what he would like the talk to be about.

“A lot of my supporters are telling me to sit down and talk to my brother Bobi Wine. I have no problem talking to him, we talked in the past and were friends,” Muhoozi claimed.

“I just advise all the youth never to seek war over peace,” he added.

Gen. Muhoozi this week said “evil people” coined the so called “Muhoozi Project to try and destroy us”.

Without clarifying whether the project exists or not, he, then added to a comment posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday, March 4 — “but trust my generation to convert every curse into a blessing!”

Bigwigs in the army including Gen. David Sejusa and Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde have accused him of representing a “Muhoozi project of Mr Museveni to subvert the existing political system in order to perpetuate himself”.

The President has remained tight-lipped on his son succeeding him while these are Muhoozi’s first comments since a row broke out over claims that he is being groomed to succeed his father.

Lt. Gen Kainerugaba has risen rapidly within the military, fuelling speculation that he is preparing to become the next president.

He was appointed head of the special forces unit in 2008 and was given control of the elite presidential guard in 2010.

He is now the Presidential advisor on special operations.

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