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UGANDA: Bobi Wine speaks to the public about his political fundings by the government of Museveni.

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People Power leader and Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has revealed that the people bankrolling his campaigns and activities are not far from President Museveni.

The singer cum politician has expressed intentions to stand for presidency and unseat the three-decade government of President Museveni.

However, there have been rumors about where he obtains money to finance activities of people power and how he intends to finance his presidential campaigns for 2021.

Different reports have hinted that the singer is being bankrolled by donors in the United States of America and the LGBT community but still remain unconfirmed.

Bobi Wine said that his finances come from a number of people in Museveni’s government.

“The activities of people power are financed by my salary from parliament, and different support from individuals,” Bobi Wine said.

The presidential hopeful said that some of the funds are obtained from Ugandans in the diaspora where he has been making different tours.

“Ugandans here and in the diaspora are fundraising for us as well,” he said.

The singer just last year held fundraising activities amongst Ugandans in the USA.

“By the way, some of our funders are within government, just because they are doing it secretly since they are not ready to reveal themselves,” he added.

In May last year, Joseph Tamale Mirundi, the Presidential advisor on media issues claimed that certain ministers in Museveni’s government have continuously paid visits to Bobi Wine in the nights.

“Certain people in the government have started panicking. This is called the sinking boat theory. Such people have started hobnobbing silently with Bobi Wine to safeguard their interests. The wealthy ones are now financing Bobi secretly,” Mirundi claimed.
“I know ministers of Museveni who are visiting Bobi Wine at night to lobby,” he added.

Mirundi has recently claimed that certain people in the NRM sponsored Bobi Wine’s candidacy in the parliamentary by-election as a way of seeking money from President Museveni.

“It turned out to be a fatal miscalculation,” Mirundi claimed.

Presidential hopeful and Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde also last week claimed that certain people in the ruling NRM are funding Bobi Wine activities.

“The NRM you see here is not what it is, the divisions within are so many. I will tell you that some of them supported Kyagulanyi in Kaydondo,” Tumukunde claimed during a talk show on Capital FM.

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