UGANDA: Archbishop Kaziimba asks the government to reconstruct Ndeeba demolished church.

UGANDA: Archbishop Kaziimba asks the government to reconstruct Ndeeba demolished church.

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Archbishop Samuel Kaziimba of Church of Uganda has tasked government to ensure that St Peter’s Church at Ndeeba in Kampala is reconstructed, and termed its demolition as an act of barbarism and an attack on all Christians worldwide.

“Government should take more action to ensure the church is redeemed, reconstructed and cleaned,” Archbishop Kaziimba said after touring the site .

He urged government to protect the vulnerable from the rich people.

Archbishop Kaziimba said humanism was eroding away, warning that the perpetrators must account for their deeds.

“I am in a country whose motto is ‘For God and my country’. The perpetuators of such bad acts did not only attack the people of Ndeeba but the body of those believing in Jesus Christ worldwide,” he said.

The Archbishop warned that unless the demolishers repent, they will face a dark future.

The church was demolished in the wee hours of Sunday after losing a court battle in which three people it had registered as the land trustees could not be accepted. The trio were instead considered proprietors of the said land.

It was also discovered that the wife of the late Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga denied knowledge of the land as ever being the property of her late husband.

Senior police officers and a Kampala Capital City Authority acting head of planning have since been arrested in connection with the demolition.

Lands minister Beti Kamya yesterday said because the act was satanic, she would ensure that compensation is effected.

“They will have to compensate. These things must and will be restored,” Ms Kamya said.
Ms Kamya said they are hunting for Mr Dodovico Mwanje to explain why he razed the church.

Three police officers and 11 others have since been arrested.

On whether the church has taken steps to correct the mistakes, Archbishop Kaziimba said many things were not considered, including an Article that empowers squatters to have a right on land for as long as they have stayed on it for more than 12 years.

He said dialogue was also not considered.

The Archbishop cautioned children and grandchildren to overcome greed and respect the Wills of their parents in instances where they have donated land to churches or schools.

Archbishop Kaziimba was surprised when he toured a clergy house which after the first eviction on February 20, was occupied by police officers.

“The clergy house is not in good shape. It is a shame that they bring prostitutes in a clergy’s house. These police officers who are supposed to guard the church, instead bring in prostitutes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Christians yesterday launched a campaign to mobilise funds to rebuild the church and began clearing the rubble.

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