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UGANDA: “Am ready to go if God calls me” Gen Biraaro spoke to Bobi Wine when sick.

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Kyandondo East Legislator and People Power pressure group head Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has claimed that he had an ‘inspirational’ talk with the late Maj Gen Benon Buta Biraaro on his death bed weeks back.

Bobi Wine in a very long eulogy posted on his official Facebook page labeled the deceased Biraaro, as a corruption and scandal-free person with a high level of integrity and honesty.

The singer cum politician said he was saddened beyond measure about the passing of this gallant son of Uganda who was his friend and motivator.

“He (Biraaro) was impressed that I was trying to work hard and encouraged me to work even harder. He despised corruption and the corrupt. He believed that true wealth should come from sweat and not cutting corners or making corrupt deals. He spoke about integrity in leadership and encouraged our generation to embrace honesty and diligence. Outstandingly, he did not only speak about integrity but lived it as well. Unlike many who abuse the uniform and use positions to amass wealth, he was never cited in any corruption scandal- he has died with his legacy intact. He used every opportunity to encourage me and our generation to prepare to take on the mantle of leadership. He spoke of how their generation had gone through a lot of challenges to build this nation and was looking forward to a time when the next generation took over and made their contribution too.”

Bobi Wine said that Biraaro was one of the politicians who spoke positively about his people power movement at its inception.

“He spoke positively about our role in the struggle for democracy and encouraged all other forces of change not to be hostile to us, but rather to receive us with gladness so that we forge the way forward together.”

Biraaro had been in and out of hospital after his cancer reached a terminal stage. In December last year, the former presidential aspirant was confined to his home after doctors could not provide a solution for cancer.

Bobi Wine said that he visited the former NRA fighter at his home and the latter told him he had served his purpose and ready to go once the Lord called on him.

“He told us that if God decided to restore him to good health, he would receive it. But if God called him, he was ready to go. He told us that he had made peace with his Lord and savior and was ready to meet Him in eternal glory. He spoke of how he believed that he had served his purpose on earth and had no regrets,” Bobi claimed.

“As you can imagine, we went in to see him downcast but returned inspired by this great man whose faith in God was unshaken even in great sickness. Yet again, he spoke to me like a father would speak to a son. He encouraged me, admonished me and advised me.”

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