Uganda: Airtel under fire after major outage across the country on Independence Day

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Airtel Uganda has come under fire from social media users flexing their muscles with a call for an audit after the company suffered a massive outage on its mobile network on Independence Day.

The national outage of Airtel mobile network lasted for a whole day with its customers unable to make calls, use internet service or send text messages.

Customers were hit by one of the country’s worst ever broadband collapses just few days after the firm’s boss had rubbished claims it was providing poor services.

Several hundred thousand householders and businesses lost their connection for a whole day.

The company denied it had been the victim of a hack or any security breach, blaming the problem on a major technical problem with one of its routers.

“The outage was due to technical disruption that affected operations on the network,” the company said in a statement on Thursday morning.

Airtel Uganda says it has restored it network to full capacity. (PHOTO/Twitter)

However sources admitted it was the biggest and most widespread network failure in years.

Industry sources said that while Airtel had suffered large network failures in the past, they tended to be confined to particular areas of the country, and a nationwide collapse was “almost unheard of”.

One source said “I can’t remember another incident like it. There certainly hasn’t been anything like this in recent years.”

Users have since asked the regulator, Uganda Communications Commission to undertake an audit of all operators’ networks to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

In a statement, the Airtel claimed services have been restored to full capacity but customers say the network is still very slow.

The problem appears to have begun in the wee hours of Wednesday October 9 and lasted till now in some areas.

The company on weekend also suffered an outage that caused massive losses it its users.

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