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Uganda Airlines given a go ahead to fly again to Nairobi

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Nairobi — Kenya will re-open its airspace to international flights on August one for priority and authorized airlines and travelers.

Uganda is one of only 19 countries that have been authorized to fly into Kenya. Travelers from the 19 countries who do not have symptoms and have had recent COVID-19 tests, will be exempt from quarantine.

Neighboring Tanzania is not on the list, a decision that has angered Dar, with reports indicating President John Magufuli has retaliated by revoking approvals of Kenya Airways flights that had been given a green light to fly into the country on July 30.

Uganda Airlines is one of several international flights to Kenya that were suspended as the world locked down in March.

Cabinet Secretary, Transport James Macharia on Friday issued protocols to ensure that air travel remains safe during the pandemic for domestic and international flights.

“We wish to emphasize and reiterate that from 1st August 2020 Kenyan Airspace will be open to authorised airlines and travelers. The issue is only whether the travelers will be required to quarantine upon arrival in Kenya due to the risk evaluation of respective countries. Those required to quarantine will do so at Government designated facility or at their home subject to prevailing guidelines,” a statement from the ministry stated.

List of countries identified and announce yesterday from which travelers will be exempt from quarantine include; Canada, South Korea, Namibia, Uganda, China, Rwanda, Morocco, Japan, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Switzerland, The United States of America (except for California, Florida and Texas), United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Italy.

Review of countries from which travelers will not be required to be quarantined upon arrival will be undertaken by Ministry of Health on day to day basis.

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