Passenegers leaving the CRJ900 Aircraft after it touched down at Aden Ade International Airport in Mogadishu

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Kampala, Uganda, August 29th, 2019.

Uganda Airlines newly inaugurated Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft excited the Somali Nationals when it made its maiden commercial flight to Mogadishu today. This follows the earlier commercial flights to Nairobi and Juba on 28th August 2019.

Uganda Airlines Commercial Director Jenniefer Bamuturaki addressing the Somali nationals at Aden Ade International Airport.Courtesy Photo.

The aircraft which set off from Entebbe International Airport at 6:00pm touched down at Aden Adde International Airport at 8:00am.

Reaching Aden Ade International Airport, the passengers who were on board were welcomed by Uganda’s Ambassador to Somalia Prof Sam Turyamuhika and the State Minister of Education for Somalia, Hon Abdulahi Godah Barre.

The Passengers on board were led by Uganda Airlines Commercial Director, Jennifer Bamuturaki who was so excited to receive a warm welcome to Somali and in her comments said “I want to take this opportunity to thank the people and the government of Somalia for accepting Uganda Airlines to operate in your territory. We believe that Uganda Airlines presents another dimension to the travel industry and together with other key stakeholders will propel the aviation sector to greater heights”

Minister of Education for Somalia, Hon Abdulahi Godah Barre, with a lot of excitement remarked, “We are so happy as Somalia and welcome Uganda Airlines on board. I want to thank the government of Uganda for this great opportunity and considering Mogadishu as one of its destinations. With a lot of Somali Nationals pursing their education and doing business in Uganda, this is will ease transportation. Somalia will support Uganda Airlines.”

Uganda Airlines will fly to Mogadishu 4 times every week.

In November this year, Uganda Airlines will expand its route network to the rest of Africa covering several destinations in Southern and Central Africa.

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