UGANDA 2021 ELECTIONS:  Dr Stella Nyanzi to run for Kampala Woman MP.

UGANDA 2021 ELECTIONS: Dr Stella Nyanzi to run for Kampala Woman MP.

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Controversial former Makerere University researcher, Dr Stella Nyanzi, has said her entry into the Kampala Woman MP race is a signal that she will go all the way in the fight to restore democracy in the country.

Nyanzi, told NBS TV that she wants to be among those who will be reforming the effects of President Yoweri Museveni’s impact on the country as the Woman MP for Kampala.

She said: “When (President) Museveni leaves office in 2021,the effects of his military dictatorship are going to be with my generation and your generation.”

“So, I want to be part of those who are reforming, reclaiming our constitution, demilitarizing our country, taking out nepotism and it is not going to take one day.”

Nyanzi submitted in her nomination papers at the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) last week, joining the list of women seeking to unseat incumbent Kampala Women representative, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala.

For all this time, Naggayi has been riding on the popularity of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Now with Stella Nyanzi expressing interest in ending her fifteen years in Parliament, one wonders whether Naggayi will keep the grip on her place with the threat from Nyanzi.

Nyanzi said that FDC is aware of her “alliance and association with the People Power movement and People Power knows about (her) membership in FDC.”

Political analyst and Researcher, Dr. Patrick Wakida however told NBS TV that Dr. Nyanzi has no business in Parliament because the institution is ‘rotten’ and filled with comedians.

To Dr. Wakida, Nyanzi can do much more for the country, without necessarily joining active politics.

“Nyanzi will be talking in context and eventually be accused of talking carelessly because she is educated. I urge her, that if its serving, Parliament is not the best place to serve,” Dr. Wakida said.

Source NBS TV.

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