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UG VOTES 2021: “Papers containing over 7 million signatures for Bobi Wine nomination taken by security”-NUP.

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The National Unity Platform has revealed that papers containing over 7 million signatures that were garnered to nominate Robert Kyagulanyi for the presidency have been taken by security personnel.

The remarks came shortly after security officers raided the party offices in Kamwokya and took a number of items, according to the officials.

Speaking to media shortly after the incident on Wednesday, the NUP Spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi said the state is doing all it can to stop Bobi Wine from contesting in 2021 general elections.

As a way forward, Ssenyonyi that they will go back to the field to recollect the signatures ahead of the nomination date.

“They have taken all our signatures but our lawyers have began following up these issues because police came and broke into our offices without a search warrant. They took different things from our offices,”he said.

Some of the things taken by security officers included signatures,T shirts, red berets among others, according to Ssenyonyi.

“It is unfortunate for them to take the signatures because we are going to present them to the Electoral Commission on Friday. We are wondering whether they have taken the role of the EC because the electoral body is the one to receive those signatures and verify them,”said Ssenyonyi.

He said the state is wasting it’s time and vowed that by all means, Bobi Wine will appear on the ballot paper come 2021.

However, the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said that the raid on NUP offices is the first of their many attempts to target all locations that are illegally supplying and using uniforms whose ownership and designs was gazetted as a preserve of the armed forces.

The army spokesperson, Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso said the force has to recover the items.

“Due to continued illegal use of military and police stores and other military/police patented designs, a joint operation is ongoing to recover the same from the public. All those in possession of such items are encouraged to voluntarily return them,” she said.

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