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UG VOTES 2021: Bebe Cool releases new campaign song

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In 2015, Bebe Cool and a bunch of other Ugandan artistes worked on a campaign song for the president that turned out to be a huge success. This time around, the singer decided to go solo. He has released a single titled ‘Mwongede Akalulu’.

The song talks about the president’s achievements of the past years that he has been in power and how he has managed to develop Uganda, which makes him deserve another chance to remain in power.

Bebe Cool also uses the song to caution country people to learn how to appreciate and learn from the elderly so that when their time comes, they will be able to do better.

While announcing his new release via his Facebook Page, he used the opportunity to explain more why the president deserves his vote; “Leadership is God given and every leader requires a minimum level of knowledge about the people he/she leads and must be able to address their issues without fear or favor.

A good leader must fear God.

A good leader must be patient.

A good leader must be knowledgeable.

President M7 has been tested and with the available options of individuals wanting to lead this country i confidently can tell that he is still the better option. Based on his achievements in the last 35 years and considering the history of our country, our security, economy, infrastructure to mention but a few, we are steadily progressing.

I know we as a country have issues of corruption and a fairly poor health sector but as always said, priority has been construction of roads, dams for electricity and consolidation of security.

In brief, these are some of the reasons to vote him back into office come 2021 hence MWONGEDDE AKALULU,” He posted.

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