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Tyson Fury talks about how he suffered from Racism

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The two-time World Champion Tyson Fury also called Gypsy King by friends and fans. Said it not only blacks that suffer Racism. He said as a traveller he has been a subject of racism also.

He has once refused entry to a Restaurant in the United Kingdom for his ethnic background. The Gypsy King made this disclosure while speaking on the program Good Morning Britain. As regards the subject of racism and The Black Life Matters Protest in the US and other parts of the world.

Fury added that anyone can still suffer racism no matter the colour of your skin. He said as a traveller he still suffers racism because of his ethnic background.

He also said today in 2020 there are still restaurants, pubs, and bars that have a sign on doors that says travellers and gypsy are not allowed in. It’s not only blacks that suffer racism.

According to Tyson Fury, travellers even suffer racism more in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. It’s more acceptable to be a racist against a traveller nobody says or does anything about it.

The 31year old said he and his wife were refused entry into a restaurant-bar in 2016 in the United Kingdom due to their background. He said even after introducing himself as the world Boxing champion representing this country and not just some gypsy, the reply he got was “Yeah you are a traveller, no travellers allowed”

Fury then added that he knows how bad it feels to be racist towards, it is unacceptable behavior from anybody at the time any year.

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