Tunisia attacks: Militants jailed over 2015 terror

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TUNIS, Tunisia

A court in Tunisia has sentenced seven jihadists to life in prison over attacks that happened at a museum and a beach resort in 2015.

Official reports penned sixty people dead mostly tourists and many injured.

The first attack happened at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in March 2015 killed 22. Three months later, 38 tourists, most of them British, were shot dead at Port El Kantaoui, near Sousse.

Terrorist group the “Islamic State” said it had carried out the attacks.

According to officials, the man believed to have planned both, Chamseddine al-Sandi, remains at large. But, unconfirmed reports suggested he may have died in a US air strike in February 2016 in Libya.

Further, authorities carried out two separate trials. In the Sousse trial, four militants were given life sentences, while five others were sentenced to between six months and 16 years. In the Bardo trial, three defendants received life terms and a number of others were jailed for shorter periods. Ten were acquitted.