Thousands of South Sudanese receive food after 5 years

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The World Food Program  has delivered food aid to thousands of vulnerable people in Ulang County, former Upper Nile State for the first time in 5 years.

The area was cut off from humanitarian access following the outbreak of the conflict in 2013.

WFP’s Country Director Adnan Khan said the life-saving supplies will benefit tens of thousands of displaced people in Ulang area which is now under Latjor State.

Mr. Khan confirmed that they have managed to send boats carrying humanitarian food assistance up to the Sobat River, a major tributary of the White Nile.

The river convoy, comprising one barge and 11 smaller vessels, reportedly transported some 752 metric tons of food and nutrition supplies including sorghum, pulses, vegetable oil, and a nutritious porridge blend – enough to sustain 40,000 people for one month.

From Renk, where the cargo was loaded, WFP said it took the vessels one week to reach Ulang County.

Latest reports by a new Integrated Food Security Phase Classification report indicate that some 6.1 million people are facing severe food shortages in South Sudan.