Makerere University’s  iconic  main building – Ivory Tower  goes into flames.

Makerere University’s iconic main building – Ivory Tower goes into flames.

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It’s not yet clear, the cause of the fire. Fire brigade tried its best  to put out the raging fire.’ “This is the darkest day of our time,” Vice-Chancellor Nawangwe said.

A live video and pictures are uploaded on their Facebook page showing monstrous tongues of fire and thick smoke consuming the building as officials on ground look on helplessly. It is not clear whether anybody was in the building when the fire broke out or whether anybody was hurt. The Police’s fire brigade did their to contain the fire but it wasn’t easy as it destroyed the University records.

A heart breaking post on their social media handles read: “The Police Fire Brigade is trying to put out the fire which has now covered almost half of the roof. It’s a trying moment for us.”

“Everyone is trying their best. The fire is heavy and sprouting from the right side of the Building. The fire flames are heavy coming through right side of the roof which has sunk in.

Police are actively investigating a fire outbreak at Makerere University Main building that started today at about midnight. Fire and rescue services responded at the scene and managed to contain it’s spread .

The fire is believed to have started from the roof spreading to floors that house both records and finance departments , alot of property has been destroyed . Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the exact cause of the fire .

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