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Things Women Should Never Ever Talk About

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Women are famous for their ability to chat about anything from the current political situation to that guy Molly started dating last week. We, girls, are simply wired that way and want to share our views with like-minded people. That being said, not all things should be revealed to the public. There are secrets you should keep even from your boyfriend and best friend! It won’t disrupt your relationships, on the contrary, we believe it will keep them only healthier. Here are 7 things women should never ever talk about.

Sometimes you check on your ex

Many girls do it , but it doesn’t mean you should talk about it. Sometimes you’re just curious about your ex’s current date or you want to confirm you made the right choice by leaving him – anyway, keep it a secret from you BF!

You can be very mean

But only when you’re being triggered in a bad way! We all have a darker side of us that comes out when we get upset or someone treats us badly. No need to speak about these things. You are trying to become a better person and if you talk about it, people will expect this from you.

You’re stalking your BF on social media

So many women do it that it’s not really a secret, but this is not something you want the whole world to know, especially your boyfriend. You might check on his social media activity from time to time or have a full-on spying operation with fake accounts – we don’t really want to know. Keep it to yourself!

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