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The Untold Truth Of Martha And Snoop

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For some time, there hasn’t been a show on TV that has come as close to being as oddly perfect as Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. On any given episode you might see Martha Stewart try on bling or Snoop crack a few weed jokes while making Cornish game hens. It was equal parts weird, educational, and hilarious. A gangsta rapper pairing up with a grandmother and businesswoman might have seemed like a recipe destined for failure, but the opposite couldn’t be more true.

The show, with its rotating list of celebrity guests like Lil Yachty and Rick Ross, proved to be a ratings blockbuster and a hit with critics, even getting an Emmy nomination. Though the show ended after two seasons, there’s nothing wrong with a lil’ nostalgia. Here’s what you need to know about the very entertaining and one-of-a-kind cooking show that was Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.

Their friendship is real

The idea of a cooking show with co-hosts Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart sounds not just far-fetched, but absurd. After all, what could a gangster rapper and the domestic goddess have in common? Sure, they might be like oil and water on the surface, with decades between their ages and coming from completely different backgrounds, but their friendship is 100 percent genuine.

The pair have had a strong fondness for one another since they first met when Snoop was a guest on Martha back in 2008. Over the years, their friendship has only grown and is what Snoop calls “a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony.”

Watch a single episode and it’s immediately obvious that the two have great chemistry and enjoy one another. “It’s like they are a unit. They exist. It’s not fake. It’s not put on,” said SallyAnn Salsano, the producer of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. “It’s just what it is. That’s why I think it feels so good because you have two people that genuinely love each other and respect each other, for real.”

She thinks he’s hot

Okay, let’s get one thing clear, Snoop and Stewart are just friends. After all, there are about three decades of age difference between the two and Snoop is married. That’s not to say that they don’t admire each other’s looks, though. When Stewart was asked if the pair’s in-the-kitchen chemistry could ever bubble into more than a friendship, she quickly nixed any potential coupling up.

“Snoop is younger than my daughter…” Stewart told Good Day New York. “We have to have a professional relationship, don’t we Snoop?” None of this means, however, that she can’t admire Snoop for the dapper man that he is. “He is very attractive, I must say, he really is an attractive human being,” Stewart said. “Everybody likes him. It’s so nice that he’s popular, and the guests really adore him and respond to him nicely. And he has a great sense of humor.”

If the two were a little closer in age and had met a few decades earlier when Stewart was a fashion model, who knows what could have blossomed?

Snoops adds his own “herbs” when Martha isn’t looking

Watching any sort of TV show with Snoop is going to bring with it a handful of weed references. Marijuana has been a trademark of the rapper’s persona since the early ’90s, and at this point, it’s expected for him to drop a few cannabis one-liners.

When you factor in marijuana-friendly guests like Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa, “special herbs” are bound to be a component in the cooking process. “I have herbs and spices that I use with my meals,” Snoop told the Los Angeles Times. “And when Martha isn’t looking, I sprinkle a little bit in her meals. So it’s represented thoroughly on the show. Gotta have it.”

So is it possible that Martha Stewart ate edibles on the show? Well, that’s anybody’s guess, but don’t expect to see her rolling a blunt with Snoop anytime soon.

Snoop’s always high on set

Saying that Snoop Dogg enjoys weed is as understated as saying that Michael Phelps is a good swimmer. The man isn’t just playing a character either, he’s very much the stoner buddy to his straight-laced sidekick and enjoys being high once the cameras start rolling.

“He comes onto the set pretty high, and leaves pretty high,” joked Stewart, before making sure to clarify that Snoop’s “not incompetent or incoherent at all. That’s the way he lives.”

Cooking under the influence seems to almost be a necessary ingredient for Snoop’s style of cooking. How else would one come up with the idea to include potato chips and a dash of Colt 45 in a fried chicken recipe? “Sometimes I may smoke one blunt, sometimes I may smoke 100 blunts,” Snoop explained. For him it all comes down to “what’s necessary for me to do what I’m doing.” Fo shizzle.

Martha admitted to a contact high

Martha Stewart might not start her day by toking up with Snoop, but that’s not to say she hasn’t come into contact with the stuff. Apparently, the smoke was sometimes so prominent on the set that it was impossible not to get a contact high from the stuff. “I get kind of high from secondary smoke,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m not a smoker myself, but the smoke is quite thick around the set.”

Working with Snoop on the show wasn’t the first time the rapper’s enjoyment of marijuana rubbed off on Stewart either. During an interview on Late Night with Seth Myers, she said that while sitting next to Snoop during the lengthy taping of Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast she also got a contact high.

“I got high just sitting there,” Stewart told Seth Myers. “We had to sit on that stage for four hours — it took four hours to film that roast — and the secondary smoke is just as powerful as primary smoke. So I was totally high by the time I got up to that microphone.”

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