The Statement for Release of Nov/Dec 2018 End Of Programme for Uganda Community Polytechnics Certificate (UCPC) And Advanced Craft examinations Results

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Hon. Minister of Education and Sports,Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) conducted its 14th series of Final year Examinations from 19thNovember  to 14thDecember,2018 in 492accreditedExamination Centres country wide for all programmes.

The following categories of programmes hadstudents who sat for their final year examinations and they willproceed to the world of work.

  1. Business Diploma & Certificate Programmes
  2. Physical & Biological Diploma & Certificate Programmes
  3. Technical Diploma Programmes
  4. Technical National Certificate Programmes
  5. Technical Advanced Craft Programmes and
  6. Technical Uganda Community Polytechnics Programmes

Hon. Minister, effective with the November-December 2017 Examinations, The Board now presents to you the results for Uganda Community Polytechnics Certificate Programmes (UCPC) and Advanced craft, to be realesedseparately. The UCPCprogrammes are for students that study in Community Polytechnics, Technical Schools and Farm Institutesthat are admitted aftercompleting Primary Seven (PLE). The decision to release these results early is to allow some of the graduates of these categories of programmes have equal chance of being admitted together with those from Ordinary level into National Certificate in BTVET institutions to progress with their careers.

On behalf of the UBTEB team allow me present to you the Nov/Dec 2018UCPC & advanced craft Examinations results for Candidates who completed their programmes of study for release to the public.


Hon Minister, a total of 5,972 (1,112F & 4,860M) candidates registered for UCPC and Advanced Craft programmes. While 169 candidates did not turn up for examinations,5,803(97.2%) sat for examinations, from which 4,678 (88.3%) successfully completed their studies. Some of the possible reasons for absenteeism are that after registration those who feel they have acquired skills get absorbed in the employment before they sit their examinations. However,  the Departnment of Research, Policy and Quality Assurance will undertake a study to establish the actual causes of absenteeism.

Specifically for UCPCs, a total of 4,254 (791Females& 3,463Males) candidates registered for end of programme Examinations in 231 Examination Centres and table 3.1 indicates the details

Out of 4,126 that sat the examinations, 3,317 (80.4%) successfully completed their programmes and can proceed to the world of work for Apprenticeshipor join the National Certificate level. This is a very good performance, and it gives us a 0.4% improvement in completion rates compared to that of 2017 (Fig 2.1). This is partly attributed to adequate syllabus coverage and students getting used to Competence Based Assessment procedures.

The other 809 (19.6%) of the candidates who did not meet the all the requirements, are advised to register for reassessment of their competences at the next subsequent assessments to improve on their competences.

Fig. 2.1: Completion Rates in End of Programme UCPC Examinations (2016 -2018)

Hon Minister, for Advanced Craft programmes, 1,718 (321F & 1,397M) candidates registered for examinations. The programmes was phased out by introduction of the 2016 National Certificate programmes which prepares candidates to expressly join Diploma programmes and no longer upgrade through advanced craft programmes.

Out of the 1,677 that sat, 1,361 (81.2%) successfully completed their programmes and will join the world of work to practice or proceed to Diploma level in their different trades and table 3.2 shows the details. The performance and completion rates in this categoryof programmes has still remained good at 81.2percent.


Table 3.1: Uganda Community Polytechnics Certificate – End of Programme Results

  1. From this table, a total of 4,254 candidates registered for Examinations in the various programmes, 4,126 representing 97% turning up for examinations and 128 (3%) being absent.
  2. Compared to the Nov/Dec 2017, there was an  8.5%  drop in candidature  from 4,647 in 2017 to 4,254 in 2018. The drop is mainly explained by drop in enrollment of students in Certificate programmes in Business studies, Secretarial studies accounting and Leather works and shoe making. To avert this trend, the Baord wil collaborate with BTVET Department to raise awareness for the Public to understand that Business related courses are also offered in Community Polytechnics that admit P.7 leavers
  3. There is however, an improvement in completion rate by 0.4% from 80.0% in 2017 to 80.4% in 2018.
  4. In addition, mastery of Trade calculations and science  is still a challenge to some candidates across most programmes.

Table 3.2: Advanced Craft End of Programme Examination Results

  1. In this category of programmes, a total of 1,718 candidates registered for Examinations in the various programmes, 1,667 representing 98% turned up for examinations while 41 (2%) were absent.
  2. The completion rate has remained good at 81.2 percent.
  3. Whereas there are many reasons behind those who have not completed in the expected time, negativeattitude towards Science and Calculationstands out.
  4. In addition, MotorVehicle Technology A, and Radio & TV fault diagnosis were poorly done papers which negatively affected the completion rates of candidates of Motor Vehicle Technician and Radio & Television Electronics Technicians.


Hon. Minister;

  1. The Board did not register any leakage of Examination papers and no any other malpractice was detected. This is attributed to high levels of professionalism and integrity exhibited by the Secretariat staff and Examiners and strict supervision;
  1. The Board registered a 40% increase in number of accredited Examinations centres  presenting candidates for UCPC and Advanced Craft from 266 in 2017 to 373 in 2018.
  1. Beginning with Nov/Dec 2017 Examinations series, the Board rolled out online registration system for candidates and in Nov/Dec 2018, all first year candidates registered for Examinations online.
  1. The Board has trained 207 instructors in Competence Based Assessment to realign with the changes in the demands of the world of work.

5.0;      Challenges encountered during the general Conduct of Examinations & Processing of Results

Hon. Minister,while executing her mandate in the conduct of examinations and processing of results, the Board has experienced many challenges and below are the critical ones;

  1. Despite Government’s continuous remittance of subventions to the Board, the cost of processing, delivering and administering the examinations has increased and constrains the Board’s finances. The Board would appreciate if additional funding was considered to enable adequate and effective delivery of its mandate especially in practicalsoriented assessment.
  1. There is inadequate Computers in some of the training institutions which leads to many shifts in the conduct of  the ICT related Practical Examinations hence increasing supervision costs.
  1. Whereas the practical aspects in UBTEB assessment and examinations have gained ground with emphasis on Competence Based Assessment (CBA), the Instructors in the Community Polytechnics are not yet retooled in Competence Based Education and Training (CBET) to move with the changing dynamics of world of work. The Ministry and Training Institutions therefore would benefit more if the instructors were aligned to these new approaches of training, delivery and assessment respectively.

6.0       Recommendations

  1. Heads of Centres should liaise with the BTVET Department and devise means of acquiring Computers for the Candidates or prioritize the purchase of Computers in their budgets.
  2. The Board proposes the review of UCPC currilum to align better to CBET principles.
  3. The retooling of Instructors should be made a priority since most of the curricular have already been reviewed to accomodate CBET and generally CBA principles.
  4. The ministry is requested to consider increasing the quota of government admissions to UCPC certificate holders intending to enrol for National Certificates programmes.


  1. The Board is gratefulto the Ministry of Education and Sports for the continued guidance and financial support;
  2. The Board hascontinued to work in close collaboration with BTVET Department. We cherish this relationship since it has helped us to achieve most of UBTEB desired goals;
  3. We are also grateful to the BTC Uganda for the support in Human Resource Capacity Development  and the on-going research survey on efficience and effectivessness of UBTEB Examination processes.
  4. The Board greatly appreciates the assistance and support from the Chairperson and Board members, Examiners, candidates and their Parents/Guardians and other UBTEB stakeholders for the good work done;
  5. The Board appreciatesconstant collaboration with all sister Examinations Boards; UNEB, UNMEB, UAHEB and other institutions like   DIT, NCDC and NCHE. This has enabled UBTEB to achieve commendable output within a very short time of its existence;
  6. The Boardappreciates the support of the Heads of Institutions, Teachers and the Uganda Police Force in the conduct of  examinations;
  7. UBTEB also appreciates the role of the press and media in the process of achieving its vision and mission.

Finally, on behalf of the Secretariat and on my own behalf, allow me congratulate all the candidates and parents/ guardians and all other UBTEB stakeholders for the accomplishments made to this day. Results will be ready for collection immediately the Minister has released them. We shall always work together as we continue….“Setting Pace for Quality Assessment”.

Thank you and May God bless you.

For God and My Country.

Onesmus Oyesigye(CPA)