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The Polish girl stabbed her 3-year-old brother and gave his mother a message with his blood

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Although many mothers are reluctant to admit, sometimes they do not know enough about their children. This ignorance caused a huge blow to the 46-year-old Polish woman Agnieszka.

In 2013, she moved her daughter Olivia to Detmold, Germany. There, she found a new love and gave birth to a boy 3 years ago.

Olivia and her half-brother Nicolas (pictured above) seem to get along very well. Agneska recalled: “She (Olivia) often takes care of her brother, and I never thought she would do it.”

On the day of the incident, Agneska returned home and found 3-year-old Nicholas lying on her bed. At first she thought her son was asleep. A closer look revealed that he was covered with wounds and no longer breathing. On the wall was a line of blood-red letters: “This is your son.”

After receiving the alarm, the police quickly rushed to the scene of the crime. According to Agneska’s confession and on-site evidence, they determined that 15-year-old Olivia killed his brother. She stabbed her brother with 28 knives, and used his blood to write a message to her mother, and then fled home.

Local police dispatched a helicopter to search for Olivia (pictured below) and eventually found someone about 10 kilometers away from her home. Because Olivia is under the legal adult age in Germany, if she is found guilty of murder, she will spend 10 years in the juvenile detention center.

In an interview, Agneska said that although her daughter committed such a crime, she would still choose to forgive. She said: “Olivia and Nicholas are both my children, and I give them as much love.”

In fact, Agneska may not be a competent mother. The reporter interviewed her ex boyfriend who had broken up with her for 3 months. The other party said: “In fact, Olivia is jealous of her brother, she has always felt that she was left out.

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