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Tanzanian Minister reveals shocking details about Madagascar’s anti-COVID-19 drug

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Tanzania’s Foreign Minister, Prof. Palamagamba John Kabudi has this Saturday, 9 May, revealed shocking details about Madagascar’s anti-COVID-19 Drug that has been making headlines after it emerged that it cures COVID-19 killer disease.

Prof. Kabudi was speaking in a press conference just a day after he received the drug from Madagascar.

According to Prof. Kabudi who went in person to get the drug, there is a given product or rather a drug sample that is being highly guarded.

He noted that unlike other drug samples that Tanzania received up to 8 boxes of the same, there is one special drug that is being issued out by Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina himself, and Tanzania only managed to get two bottles of the sample.

“Na kule Madagascar, dawa hii anagawa Rais mwenyewe, na ipo product ambayo imepewa ulinzi sana, ulinzi number moja, na ndio mama sisi hii tumepewa chupa mbili tu, ni dawa ambayo inapeanwa na Raisi mwenyewe, na hata huko kwao haipeanwi ovyo ovyo,” said Prof Kabudi, which loosely translates to:

(In Madagascar, it President Andry Rajoelina himself who is issuing it, and there is one product that is being given the highest level of security, that is why Tanzania was only given two bottles of that drug, it is only being given out by the President himself, it is not wastefully given to citizens).

Tanzania was given a variety of this drug, they received one said to be curative, 3 boxes, preventative drug, 8 boxes, and control drug, two bottles.

Prof. Kabudi further added that the drug they had received was not enough to be given out to all Tanzanians, but for clinical trials.

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