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Tamale Mirundi reunites with Kazibwe Bashir at STV

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Renown city tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala a.k.a SK Mbuga has quickly moved to on board the recently fired political analyst Tamale Mirundi on to his up and coming TV station STV

It should be noted that 3 weeks ago Tamale was approached by NBS management team and told to lay down tools after he stubbornly refused to stop attacking about high profile government officials while on air.

The demand to have him find a soft stance on people he constantly refers to as Mafia left the veteran joulalst with no choice but thrown in the towel

Weeks later Tamale Mirundi’s host Kazibwe Bashir folwwed suit and resigned from the Kamokya based station

Now the latest we are getting from the ground is that both Tamale and Kazibwe have been hired by city tycoon SK Mbuga to boost his up and coming station STV

Infact the deadly duo has already been given program named power talks airing from Monday to Friday.

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