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UGANDA: Chaos as RDC Sakwa raids DISO’s office to forcefully resume work, damages property.

KAMPALA —Embattled Jinja Residence District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Eric Sakwa stormed into the office of the District Internal Security Officer (DISO) and damaged property including a government computer. Mr Sakwa together with over 30 rowdy youths raided the DISO’s office on Tuesday May 26 at about 4:30 PM. On entering, according to a video recording, he found the deputy DISO, Mr John Mugomba whom he told that he wanted to work so he should be given the key to his office. In a trending video, Mr Mugomba claims that he told Mr Sakwa that he doesn’t have the key to the office and it was being kept by the DISO who was not in office at the time. “They came in a big group and Mr Sakwa demanded for the key to his office. When I said I didn’t have it, one of them caught the laptop w...
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