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UGANDA: President Museveni emphasises on Masks, Public transport to open in June.

All Ugandans aged six and above will be given free facemasks in a bid to protect themselves against the spread of coronavirus, President Museveni has said.“This mask must be worn all the time when you are in public. Whether you are sneezing, talking or coughing. Since many people raised the issue that they cannot afford these masks, the gov’t has decided to provide these masks to all Ugandans 6 years and above,” Mr Museveni said in a televised address to update Ugandans on government efforts against the spread of the virus which has left 227 people in the country infected. According to the president, children less than age six cannot safely wear these masks.“These masks, like mosquito nets, will be distributed through the LC system. One mask per person of age 6 and above will be given....
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