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AFRICA: Over 3,000 refugees displaced from Congo camp in Uganda

KAMPALA — More than 3,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) arrived in Uganda between Wednesday and Friday last week (1 – 3 July) during a temporary opening of two border crossing points at Golajo and Mount Zeu, north-western Uganda. The new arrivals were previously part of a larger group of approximately 45,000 people, according to local DRC authorities, who had attempted to flee towards the Ugandan border with the DRC shortly after deadly clashes erupted between armed militia groups in Ituri province on 17 and 18 May. While some have been able to return to their areas of origin, UNHCR spokesperson Charlie Yaxley says othersers had remained close to the border, unable to cross for more than a month due to closure of borders on the Uganda side to contain the s...
AFRICA: Congo demands for more than an apology over Belgium’s colonial impunity.

AFRICA: Congo demands for more than an apology over Belgium’s colonial impunity.

King Philippe’s ‘regret’ for Belgium’s brutal colonial past received mixed reactions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In a letter the Monarch addressed to President Félix Tshisekedi on the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence, Philippe expressed unprecedented sorrow for the colonial acts that historians say led to the death of millions of Congolese. On the streets of the capital Kinshasa, views were mixed. Anacelt Tshikunku, a taxi driver is among those that think there is more to be done. “Let all those responsible for the instability in the DRC take the example of Belgium, a former colony that is asking us for forgiveness. They have asked forgiveness from the Congolese people, and all those who destabilise the Congolese people will one day ask forgiveness.” Whi...

AFRICA: Two Congolese doctors detained over fake virus diagnosis.

The death of a young woman in Brazzaville over fake covid-19 diagnosis has sparked fury. André Ngakala Oko, prosecutor of the Congo Republic on Monday visited the Albert Leyono Municipal Clinic, one of the facilities treating coronavirus patients. He then ordered the opening of a judicial inquiry to shed light and establish responsibility for the death of Chloé Bafoui-din-soni. Two doctors working in the hospital were immediately arrested. “There was a man’s death. There’s a woman who was found dead. Following the death of this lady, I am ordering an inquiry. There were two doctors who were arrested and must answer for the acts of which they are accused. For now, I do not have anything to say yet. Let’s wait for the investigation to be completed,’‘ Oko told Africanews correspondent,...
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