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AFRICA: Tension in Burundi towards Elections amid the Corona-virus Pandemic.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and growing tensions in the country, Burundi will, on Wednesday, hold general elections. The small African country of the Great Lakes region and its 11 million inhabitants are trying to emerge from a deadly political crisis born of President Nkurunziza’s controversial candidacy for a third term in April 2015. Unlike Ethiopia, which postponed its August elections because of the COVID-19, Burundi has decided to maintain them at all costs, like Mali, Benin, and Malawi. Burundi, which the government claimed was protected by “divine grace”, has so far officially recorded 42 positive cases, including one death. But authorities are accused by doctors and the opposition of hiding COVID-19 cases, attributing them to other diseases such as pneumonia. Burund...
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