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UGANDA: Boda-boda riders sue Government for stopping from carrying passengers

A group of boda boda riders has dragged government to court for stopping them from carrying passengers as one of the measures to control the spread of Coronavirus. Currently, boda-boda motorists are restricted to delivery services and transporting passengers under emergency circumstances despite other transport service providers like taxis and buses being allowed to carry passengers. On Monday, riders under the National Federation of Professional Cyclists Network(NFPC) filed a case before the civil division of the High Court in Kampala challenging the continued ban on transporting passengers by boda bodas. “Government’s restrictions on the boda boda transport business not acceptable or demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society and therefore an infringement and thr...

UGANDA: Boda boda cyclists in Bududa protest over police brutality.

Boda boda cyclists in Bududa district have this afternoon protested police brutality in the district. This follows a scenario where Mubakari Kuloba a bodaboda cyclist was beaten by police officers accusing him of carrying two people on the motorcycle. This made him lose control hence knocking the nearby tree stamp leaving him with injuries. He is currently at Bududa hospital. Cyclists like Vincent Wangolo, Peter Natanga among others accused police officers of extortion. They said for them as Boda-boda cyclists, they don’t have where they can get what to eat and depend mostly on their motorcycles to earn a living. They said they are tired of torture and now want the president to come to their rescue. Juma Kuuya the chairperson Bududa Boda-Boda Association requested a meet...
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