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Sylvester Stallone Got An Epic Rambo: Last Blood Statue For His Birthday

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Sylvester Stallone poses with a statue of his character John Rambo from Rambo: Last Blood, which was an epic early birthday gift for the actor.

Sylvester Stallone received an epic early gift for his July 6th birthday, a statue that commemorated the film Rambo: Last Blood and his character John Rambo. Stallone has portrayed Rambo, a homeless Vietnam veteran forced to relive the trauma of his past and return to a life where he physically fights his enemies for the better part of almost 40 years. Stallone has become an icon for many Vietnam veterans who were ignored by society upon their return from serving the United States overseas.

In Rambo: Last Blood, the Vietnam war veteran was forced to confront the demons of his life as he embarked on a final mission to save two women he formed a familial-like bond with while living on a horse ranch in Arizona. Maria (Adriana Barraza) and her teenage granddaughter Gabriella (Yvette Monreal) were captured by a Mexican cartel and Rambo crossed the border on a quest to rescue the women and exact revenge on their captors. Rambo: Last Blood was the final installment of the film series which began almost four decades earlier.

Stallone stood in the forefront of the Instagram photo where he made a powerful fist and looked directly at the camera. In the accompanying caption of the post, Stallone called the tribute an “early birthday present.” The eerily lifelike sculpture looked off to the side and displayed a mirror image of Stallone’s iconic profile. A replica of the Stallone’s Rambo character’s costume, including a form-fitting long-sleeved gray shirt, black cargo pants, and combat boots completed the tribute. In the statue’s right hand was a survival knife. Muscles bulging and covered in dried blood, this replica dramatically captured the essence of one of the most iconic film heroes of all time.

Stallone ended the fourth installment of the Rambo franchise the way he began the character’s journey on the big screen, largely alone. After a standoff at the ranch where Rambo defeats the members of the cartel, he’s seen wounded and bloody, with a voiceover in which the character claimed he “never really came home.” Though it seemed possible Rambo could’ve died from his wounds, thus ending the franchise, the Rambo: Last Blood post-credits scene shows him riding off on a horse, leaving the door open for more.

This ambiguous ending could lead fans to wonder if there will be any further movies where the story of John Rambo will continue to be explored. Stallone is 74 years old at the time of writing and will turn 75 next month. While he’s in good enough shape to continue to play the action hero, he may decide to leave the character’s story open-ended. Stallone discussed a prequel for the series in 2019, where he explained that he would love to explore Rambo’s life as a teenager and his life before he was changed by his experiences in the war. There have been no further discussions regarding the prequel since. If a prequel ever moves forward, it’s likely the role will be recast, with someone new playing young Rambo. As of now, it’s unclear where the Rambo franchise may go next after Rambo: Last Blood, but Stallone’s early birthday present proves he’ll forever be associated with the character.

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