Sudan’s Army ends President Omar al-Bashir three decades rule

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Sudan’s Army led by Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf Thursday seized power from the country’s long-time ruler President Omar al-Bashir following several months of protests that arose from the increase in the price of basic needs that later turned into the demand of Bashir’s resignation.

Thousand of citizens tuned on their TV station after the Defense Minister announced that he had a special announcement to make on the country’s national TV.

 Mr. Awad Ibn announced that they had ousted and put the President under house arrest adding that the army will oversee a two-year transitional period followed by democratic elections.

In his address, he also announced that all borders will be closed and a three-month state of emergency will be initiated followed by a curfew.

He said: “I announce as Minister of Defence the toppling of the regime and detaining its chief in a secure place,”

However, he declined to tell the vigilant public the whereabouts of the former President.

The Defense Minister also noted that the reign of President Bashir was characterized with poor management, corruption, and an absence of justice.

Speaking to Journalist, jubilant citizens said that they were happy that the dictatorial reign of now former President Bashir had come to an end after several years of conflicts, economic backlash, corruption, racial discrimination and significant violation of human rights. But, vowed to continue the protests until the army gives back the power to civilians.

Who is Mr. Awad Ibn Auf

Born in 1957, Awad Ibn Auf is a Sudanese General and Politician. He has served as Head of Military Intelligence, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Defense Minister Auf and recently appointed First Vice President by President Omar Al Bashir replacing Bakri Hassan Saleh.