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Stop committing suicide-Dr Jibril CEO Million Trees National Initiative Uganda (MTNi-Ug) tells the people of Bushenyi District during Promotion of Environmental Justice.

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Stop committing suicide , Dr Jibril tells people of Bushenyi. while cleaning up the Bushenyi District at the launch of Million Trees National Initiative Uganda, MTNi-Ug activities. “Whenever you dump rubbishes anyhow you’re committing suicide by attracting disease infectious germs to stay close with you. Local people don’t have to buy daily medicines the way they dump rubbishes daily….” Dr Semakura Jibril Owomugisha CEO MTNi-Ug.
Hajj. Jeffari Basajjabalaba C/M LC5 Bushenyi District, led other District Officials to grow trees by Promoting Environmental Justice.
Local Environmentalists led by Mr Zadock, picking rubbishes around Bushenyi-Ishaka towns.
DPC Mr Komakechi, Bushenyi District led other police officials in growing trees around police headquarters.
Promoting Environmental Justice!! In Bushenyi District
#Environmental Justice being promoted in Bushenyi District led by Million Trees National Initiative Uganda, MTNi-Ug and National Water Sewage Coorperation

Million Trees National Initiative Uganda (MTNi-Ug)

location. Benco Building 2nd floor, kitebi, kampala, entebbe road.

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