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SPORTS: Lewis Hamilton to meet Mercedes bosses over incredible $346 million contract extension

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Hamilton will meet with Mercedes bosses on Tuesday as he starts negotiations over a new AU$346 million mega deal,

The Formula 1 superstar will see Mercedes chief Toto Wolff for the first time in two months as the two put their contract negotiations on hold during F1’s winter break.

Hamilton, whose current deal expires at the end of this season, had been linked with a switch to rivals Ferrari.

At the final race of last season in Abu Dhabi in November, Wolff admitted there was a 25 per cent chance Hamilton would join Ferrari.

However, he now appears more hopeful of re-signing the 35-year-old to a deal that could stretch to another three years.

Hamilton is due in at their Brackley HQ on Tuesday ahead of their car launch at Silverstone on Friday and Wolff is eager to catch up.

“We saw each other in the changing room before our Christmas party mid December, and I said ‘we have to go talk’,” Wolf said.

“Lewis said to me, ‘we have no rush anyway because this is what we both want to do’ and I said ‘I agree with you’.

“We texted over the holidays regularly. And came to the conclusion that it’s the unspoken thing that we leave each other in peace over January.

“We are all over each other during the season so it was to keep that space.

“But I think with him coming back to Europe this week, this is where we’re going to pick up the pole again and say ‘what do we want to do here?’.

“We have technical meetings and we have the shakedown on Friday. We have six days testing in Barcelona and then there is plenty of time to sit down.

“But I am not stressed out about not having a signature on the dotted line. It just means that we have not come to the conclusion of our discussions but I am pretty optimistic that we will.”

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