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By Sunday night,up to twenty speakers and deputy speakers of national and provincial legislatures had arrived on the first day of arrivals ahead of the start of the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference  due in Munyonyo. Some regional speakers, although not members of the Commonwealth, which brings together former colonies and territories of the British and admitted countries, have also been invited for the conference scheduled for 22 – 29 September 2019. CPA Chair, Hon. Emilia Monjowa, who is also the Deputy Speaker of the Cameroon National Assembly, was among those who arrived in the week. On Saturday, she was in Munyonyo observing last minute preparations for the Conference. Hon. Monjowa commended the hosts for the preparations saying that “evidence shows that the Conference will be a success”. On Sunday, Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, Rebecca Kadaga, was in Entebbe to receive presiding officers and other delegates to the event. Several speakers and delegates have arrived today. “It’s very exciting because they have been invited and they have come and I am happy for Uganda,” said Kadaga, who is the CPC President Designate. Some of the speakers or deputy speakers are from: Lesotho, Kenya, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Virgin Islands, the Gambia, Malta, Fiji, Bermuda.   Delegates have arrived from: Bermuda,  Guyana,  Ghana,  New Zealand,  Australia,  Cameroon , Eswatini,  Fiji , The Gambia,  Malta,  Seychelles,  Tanzania, Djibouti,  Canada,  Kenya, India,  Falkland Islands,  India,  Scotland,  Jamaica,  UK,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Wales,  Malaysia,  Cayman Islands,  Sri Lanka, Botswana,  Namibia , Pakistan,  South Africa  Virgin Islands
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