Speaker Kadaga applauds CPC as productive to Ugandans

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KAMPALA, uganda

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga had said that the just concluded 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) registered a number of tangible benefits for Ugandans, with many testifying to that effect.

Kadaga made the revelation on Thursday during a live tweet chat held at Parliament an occasion she used to number of questions surrounding the event that was recently held at Commonwealth Resort Hotel in Munyonyo.

Responding to a question on whether there was value for money spent on CPC and how Ugandan benefited from the CPC apart from the hotel and transport sector, Kadaga said the event was critical at showing Uganda’s tourism features.

Kadaga said, “Value for money Audits are done by the Auditor General and we shall wait for the AG to audit. But for the social and economic impact, a lot more people got to know about this country. There are people who and never come to Uganda, never come to Africa and they got to know about this country. Because of that publicity, our meeting was cast everywhere it was on BBC, CNN so everybody in the world got to know there was a meeting on Uganda.”

The Speaker added that there are a number of delegates who came and stayed longer than they had anticipated which stay means they are spending and injecting money into Uganda’s economy.

She said, “We ensured that there was a market at Munyonyo and people are getting money I didn’t know that people were getting money until but on the first day I was coming from the executive committee meeting, a woman came and fell down in front of me, I thought she was sick but instead she told me; “madam I have come to thank you very much, I have got dollars, I have never seen dollars in my life but I have got 1,000 dollars.”

When asked how much the country spent on hosting the conference, asked to have the Clerk to Parliament, Jane Kibirige respond to the question as the accounting officer because the Speaker is a political not technical head of the institution.

On what Ugandans should expect from her as President CPA Kadaga said her first tenure would be used to highlight the work of Commonwealth Parliament Africa especially in the African Region.

“As President, my main work is to ensure that the rights of the African members of the Commonwealth are respected and that we are given our due place in the deliberations and recommendations but mainly the need to change the status of the CPA Constitution,” said Kadaga.

She promised to adopt some of practices in the Commonwealth Parliament of Africa by meeting the leaders in various countries and hold discussions on how to improve the representation of women.

“We were really quite high up there and it was as a result of my work as Chair of the African Region first, and then as Chair of CWP International. It has now been adopted in all the nine regions of the Commonwealth and there are some improvements despite some existing challenges with some two countries still lacking women representatives,” said the Speaker.

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